Thursday, October 8, 2009

Uncle, Uncle!

My nephew and his wife know that I like to work on jigsaw puzzles in the winter. We frequently trade puzzles, so I wasn't surprised when he dropped three boxes at my house a month ago.

When the snow began falling last weekend, I took one of the boxes off of the shelf, one that had never been opened and had a garage sale sticker in the corner. Since it was only a 600 piece puzzle, I thought it would be easy. I struggled with the puzzle for hours and began to think I had met my match. Either I am terribly out of "puzzle condition" or this puzzle was kicking my butt!

Here is how much I completed after three days of work.  Three days! I was not even close to finishing the puzzle and progress was terribly slow and discouraging. I finally cried "Uncle!" and put the puzzle back in its box, something that I rarely do.

I grabbed another puzzle from the shelf and began to think my nephew was somewhere getting a good chuckle out of my pain. This box contained two puzzles in the same bag and did not give a clue as to the image on either puzzle. The box also contained a mystery that the puzzles help solve. I am just thankful that I am making progress. I have regained my puzzle-solving confidence.

A third puzzle box awaits on the shelf. What surprises will it hold?


  1. Fabulous puzzles!! My son and I enjoy working on them together. I've never seen snowflake shaped puzzles before! How neat!

  2. I still have a jigsaw puzzle to finish from last winter. It's rolled up in a puzzle mat. Maybe I'll get it done this winter. :)

  3. good luck with those two puzzles Nancy. I think he must be having a good chuckle over that. That first one is amazing. I think you should give it another go. It is worthy of mounting and framing.

  4. Are you sure he didn't drop these off on April first?

  5. wow, that puzzle is already blowing my mind and I've only looked at it for 5 minutes. :P

    Good luck & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  6. I can't belienve you would even try that first puzzle and the ones you are working on would not have gotten out of the box at my house either.....Your patience is to die for.

  7. What a fun puzzle post. Fantastic

  8. We are a jigsaw-loving family, too. I once bought my grandfather a puzzle printed on both sides, with one at 90 degrees to the other. I don't think he ever forgave me, but he finally got it done. I've never seen a circular one; it's beautiful. Ooops... was beautiful. haha


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