Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mom's Rail Fence

Mom's Rail Fence was made with scraps from Breezy Point.

It is definitely a scrappy quilt. The vintage flour sack fabric is unique and somewhat gaudy, but true to the time period.

It measures 58 X 74 inches. All of the blocks are vintage flour sacks, but the border and backing are 30s reproductions.

It was machine-quilted in 2007 by Designs by Deb in Littleton, CO. She used a flower design on the blocks and a larger flower design in the border.


  1. I really like this one....hmmmm maybe I am a little gaudy:):)

  2. Oh this is a wonderful quilt. maybe my NEW favorite. I keep saying that don't i?

  3. I have a shoebox of srips my mom cut, all by hand, of flour sacks...someday I will make the quilt she intended, a rail fence. Yours is wonderful.


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