Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spider Web

Spider Web was paper-pieced, using scraps of Round About. I was pleased to make two quilts out of the fabrics from the Sisters, OR trip challenge.

I embroidered the spider web on one of the blocks before it was quilted.

This quilt is 54 X 80 inches and is the perfect size for the sofa. Spider Web was machine-quilted by Quilt, Quilt, Quilt, Etc. in Sandy, UT in 2005. The borders each have a different quilting stitch. The backing on this quilt is a blue print.

Update: March 25, 2011
Spider Web was donated to the Quilter's Newsletter drive for victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. I pray that the recipient finds comfort in this quilt.


  1. Oh my! I've never seen a quilt with rounded sections. What a neat design!!

  2. The spider web is a cute detail. You should try a crazy quilt with all the embroidery. They are treasures to look at.

  3. The embroidered spider web is a nice touch.

  4. I love it!! Just in time for halloween with the spiders LOL

  5. Oh that spider is just too cute. I love this quilt Nancy! Great colors and great look. Perhaps my favorite so far!

  6. Love the Spiders :)) Too cute..Another great job Nancy..
    Hope you are well..& staying warm..
    Hugs :))

  7. the spiders made it perfect! I have one like it stalled on REMOVING THE PAPER! And I thought about you today as I was strolling thru the yarn aisles. I resisted! You're not close enough to teach me to make socks!

  8. This is one of my most bestest, favoritist quilts! 8-))))

  9. Hello Nancy,
    You made a beatiful spiderweb quilt and you put in it a cute little spider.
    Maybe some day i'll make mine


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