Monday, October 26, 2009

Play Time

My great-niece's Christmas gift was finished earlier this week - a quilt made especially for her baby doll. The top and binding were made out of scraps of other projects, and the backing is a piece of a white, flannel sheet. The finished size is 24 X 24 inches.

I think she will enjoy playing with this little blanket.


  1. Every little girl would love a blanket like this for her baby doll. Nice work!

  2. What a precious gift! My daughter would have LOVED something like this for her "Baby Katie."

  3. This is so sure it will be cherished even when dolls are put away.

  4. I was thinking back, I don't think my daughter would have put a doll in it, but I KNOW she would have wrapped HER cat in it and given him a ride in her plastic shopping cart! He was so laid back and forgiving!

  5. I KNOW she will love it! What bright colors, just great.d

  6. Hi Nancy,
    What a beautiful blanket, she and her baby doll are going to love it.
    Margie DePrado

  7. so bright and colorful ... I am hoping to get started on a baby doll quilt for my 5 year old soon.. maybe this weekend since she can't play soccer since her ear surgery.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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