Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Arrival

Today's Delivery was a new box springs and mattress set. My old set, purchased in 1991, was loooong past due for replacement, and when I began to have hip and back issues, I knew a new set was necessary.

The new set is much thicker than the old, and I am not happy about investing in new sheets. I love my percale sheets that are older than my old box springs and mattress. They are still in great shape and feel divine. In my opinion, today's sheets are coarse and are poorly made, except for those that nearly require a bank loan to purchase.

Another disadvantages of the new set is its weight: I know that I will not be able to rotate it by myself.


  1. Your bed looks inviting! Happy sleeping!

  2. You're going to sleep good tonight. I never would have guessed a new mattress and box springs, though I should have recognized the sheep.

  3. Hopefully the wonderful sleep will outweigh the things you don't like. Happy sleeping!

  4. I know what you mean about those percale sheets -- my Mother always said to buy those -- and yes a loan may be needed now-a-days for them.

    I suppose you made the quilt on the bed... I'll have to take a pictureof the one I have -- my Mother made it from strips my Grandmother had...

    I was able to get a pillow top mattress when I first moved here -- have to get the gang in to flip or turn it --- recommended that is done every 6 months.

    SMILE -- it's contagious

  5. It takes two people to flip our mattress, and even then, it's a real booger to get done.

    I'm sure you'll feel better as you find you are more rested, though.

  6. Did you get the sheep as well? I love you bedroom set, and the quilt I would think you made that - it is georgous. Blessings Deb

  7. Wow Nacy..Hope that makes a difference in your sleep...
    I know we need a new mattress but man they are not cheap as you know..LOl
    Happy sleeping :))


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