Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yes, I Still Knit. . .

Seed-stitch blocks
Baby Blanket
July 2014
Yes, I still knit, but for some reason, my knitting has slowed considerably this summer. I have a "grab and go" bag that I take to evening concerts in the park and at the library, but that knitting is strictly dishcloths because I can visit and tap my foot to the beat without needing to concentrate on my knitting.

You will notice that I'm using multiple markers on this blanket. They aren't really necessary, but they are a good reminder for me to pay attention to my stitches on the wrong side rows.

A month ago, Mary sent me a bunch of yarn, and this blanket is being knit with some of it. This blanket will be donated to the Pine Ridge Reservation Project. Thank you, Mary for making this and other blankets possible for this impoverished area.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Calico Stars

Calico Stars
Quilt of Valor
56 x 75 inches
The stars and sawtooth border of this quilt were made entirely from scraps of other Quilts of Valor; thus, the name Calico Stars.

I loved working with this pattern (Stars from Stripes) by Cozy Quilt Designs because making the stars did not result in creating more scraps, i.e. no waste. The tips that were cut off to create the stars were used to create the sawtooth border. I did make an adjustment in the placement of the sawtooth border and extended the final border to 6.5 inches instead of the suggested 5.5 inches in order to meet Quilt of Valor minimum size standards.

I'm on a mission to reduce my scraps, so stay tuned for even more scrap busting.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Foreign Friday

Sake guys
Southern Japan
April 1980
One evening our tour group visited a small sake and sushi bar. The two guys in the photo entertained our group and served us all kinds of sake: some was served warm and in wooden cups. I still have one of the wooden cups but use it for trinkets.

Sake is quite strong and can sneak up on you, so make sure you have a designated driver.

Our group ate a variety of sushi at this bar, too. One of the most memorable appetizers we had was horse meat, sliced very thin and marinated in some kind of sauce.

signatures of the Sake guys are in
Japanese. Members of the tour
group are in English. 

Have you tried Sake? Did you like it?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Little Free Library

Little Free Library
Lander, WY
July 2014
Several years ago I read an article about the Little Libraries, but until last week, I had never seen one.

Heading home from the Lander Medical Clinic,  I was surprised to find this library on the east side of Buena Vista Drive.  It stands under a large pine tree between two houses.

The little box actually held more books than I thought was possible: inside was a nice variety of adult, children, and teen books. The slips of paper have notes of appreciation to the family that sponsors the Little Free Library.

The Little Free Library project is world-wide. Want to find a Little Library in your area? Use this map.

Have you seen or used any Little Free Libraries in your area?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

'til the Cows Come Home

Vintage calendar picture
approx. 1950

Last year in a box filled with old bank statements and cancelled checks, I found this calendar picture that my mother saved.

Our dairy herd (those that we milked) were kept in the corral and only the dry and/or pregnant cows/heifers were placed on pasture. It was important to keep the diet of the milking cows consistent because "green" feed affects the milk quality. Green feed can also cause bloat, which can be deadly.

Sometimes, but not often, the dairy herd escaped the corral. I always dreaded hearing, "the cows are out!" At those times, it was all hands on deck until the cows were back in the corral. Anyone who's worked with cattle will tell you that cows seem to be blind to an open gate when you want them to go through it; yet when you want them to stay in an area, they will dart through an open gate without being provoked.

We always had a bull in the corral with the cows, and he presented an entirely different problem. In my opinion, dairy bulls are some of the most vicious and dangerous animals, and I tried to give them a wide berth whenever I could. We once had a bull that did not like my Mother, and whenever he got out of the corral, he would come to the house, looking for her. Before he was rounded up, he tore clothes off of the clothes line and led my brother on a wild chase in the field south of the house.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Riverton, WY
July 8, 2014
This breath-taking scene was captured with my cell phone at the Wind River Casino. Nancy photographed the same sunset some 15 miles to the west.

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