Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bargain Shopping

I stumbled on a great deal in a Casper quilt shop last week and doubt that I will ever find such a bargain again.

The shop has a section in the basement where the clearance fabric is displayed, so I headed downstairs when I entered the shop. I was on a mission to find some backing fabrics for Quilts of Valor. The QOV I frequently make require about four yards of fabric each, so spending full price of $11 or more for yardage can deplete my QOV funds fairly quickly. In the basement, I found three fabrics with a 30% clearance price.

I returned upstairs. The clerk was helping someone else, so I put the bolts near the cutting table and wandered the store looking at patterns and fabric. Tucked near the back of the store was a small alcove with a sign on the wall indicating the fabric in that section was $1 a yard. Really? I perused the fabric and found two bolts of Jenny Beyer fabric, one with broad stripes that would make an attractive quilt back and another with smaller stripes. I took the bolts to the cutting table and asked if they were indeed $1 a yard. I was assured they were.  I have never seen fabric priced so low in a quilt shop - NEVER.

I left the shop with yardage for six and a half backs for Quilts of Valor and a wild, orange print (shown under the receipt) for a totally different project.

While the fabric was being cut, I was chatting with another customer and discovered she is a longarm quilter. She offered to quilt my next two Quilts of Valor. Fantastic!

I felt like dancing down the street when I left the shop.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Feelin' Groovy

Denim blocks with batik rail fence blocks
Friday evening, I drove to Lander for the annual Popo Agie Quilter's show. I know some of the ladies in this group and love to see the projects they have on display.

One of my favorites in the show was actually on the back of a quilt by Pat Welch. The appliqu├ęd VW Beetle was so cute!

Appliqued VW Beetle on the back
Quilt pieced by Pat Welch and machine quilted by Floye Weekly
67 x 92 inches
This quilt didn't have a name, but I think either Flower Power or Feelin' Groovy would be appropriate. The batik fabric reminds me of the 60s tie-dyed fabrics.

This quilt and its clever back made me smile and begin humming Feelin' Groovy.

Ahh, the 60s!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Good-bye Summer

Saturday, September 27, 2014
Saturday was a gorgeous day: about 70 F and a slight breeze. The weatherman predicted rain on Sunday, so it was a good time to rake some leaves and get them off the lawn before the weather changed.

I filled my yard waste container and borrowed those of two neighbors - the front lawn was somewhat clean for about 30 minutes. Many, more leaves need to fall, but at least I got a bunch of them picked up.

I have two large, ash trees in the front yard, and one in the back yard. Thousands of leaves have yet to turn golden or even think of falling. My days working in the yard have only begun.

You may not remember what I faced last year at this time. Same day, same view - totally different weather. That's Wyoming!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Foreign Friday

Bare flat-bed of a festival float
Misawa, Japan
Autumn 1980

I've featured festival floats in previous Foreign Fridays, but today's photo shows the base of the float and how they are not only pulled by individuals but also steered by someone inside the float.

Update: Just to clarify, the trailer does not have a motor. The steering wheel allowed the trailer, which was pulled by individuals, to maneuver the narrow streets during the parade.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Back in Time - Go Broncos

Bill H., Nancy S., Joy G., LeRoy S., Susan K., and Nancy J. show
principal, Hank T. (a Raiders' fan) that he was in Bronco territory
approx. 1985
Most of the staff at Wind River High School were Denver Bronco fans, and if they weren't, they got a bit of ribbing from those who were. Hank T. was the principal, ironically from Denver, and was a Raider's fan. The staff donned Orange Crush shirts and decorated Hank's office to leave no doubt that WRHS was Bronco territory!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wrapping Up

Baby Surprise Jacket
September 2014
Hopefully, I will have enough yarn (it's scraps) to finish this Baby Surprise Jacket. I had hoped to knit a mirror image of this BSJ, but clearly that is not going to happen. Now, I'm just aiming for finishing the sweater with the yarn that is remaining.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back in Time - Slumber Party

In high school, I belonged to such a "wild crowd," a group that included upper and lower classmen. We were involved in music, pep club, and Future Homemakers of America - no girls' sports in those days, we were much too delicate to sweat.

Frequently through the year, we had Slumber Parties: I remember staying at Cathy, Darla, and Nancy's houses.

It may come as a surprise that one of our activities at the slumber parties was knitting, and I have the photos to prove it.

Cathy R. in background and Eugenia T.
Slumber Party at Nancy J.
Pavillion, WY
Margaret B. and Nancy J.
Slumber Party 1967
Pavillion, WY
Now, Nancy (High Plains Footprints) and I knit with a group that meets every Tuesday evening.

Did you knit with friends or attend slumber parties when you were in high school?

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