Friday, October 24, 2014

Foreign Friday

unknown bus lady and bus driver
Southern Japan tour
Spring 1980
All of the bus tours that I took were amazing, mostly due to the professionalism of the bus lady (similar to a flight attendant on a plane) and the bus driver. Both wore uniforms, and they didn't differ much from company to company. The drivers always wore white gloves while driving and when assisting with bags.

I wonder if the buses still have bus ladies and if the drivers still wear the uniform and white gloves.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wild and Free's Progress

Framing the stars
Wild and Free is progressing nicely. I made strip sets with 2.5 inch strips and then cut them into 2.5 inch sections.
Adding the center panel
Once the star sections were framed with the strip sets, it was time to frame the center section with the brown and add strip sets to the side. If you look closely at the center panel, you will notice that I pieced two panels together, creating a longer (wider) panel. I tried to match the flow of the mountain range and hoped the caribou section would correspond as well. I am pleased with the result.

I plan to add another brown frame around the entire piece and then a wide green border.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

On The Road - Unique ATM

JL Beers
Fargo, ND
While shopping in downtown Fargo several years ago, my two sisters and I went to JL Beers for a burger.  If you've seen the movie Sister Act when the nuns walk into the bar, you'll understand the looks my sisters and I got when we walked into this bar and grill filled with young people. It was priceless, and I could almost hear them mutter: "If this turns into a senior citizen bar, then I won't be back."

The food was excellent and the ATM in a door at the back of the bar was begging to be photographed.

A photo of another unique ATM that I saw in Hawaii can be seen in this post.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wandering & Pondering

Mountain View Cemetery
Riverton, WY
I sometimes like to wander through the local cemetery and stop and ponder the gravestones.

This stone made me smile at its simplicity and playfulness, but I also wonder. . .

How old was Baby Snook?
Did Baby Snook like to play with marbles or did an older sibling?
Did tiny hands push the marbles into the cement under the guidance of Mom and Dad?
What is the significance of the three marble holes at the top of the stone? Do they represent other family members?
Were family finances tight?
Do family members still visit Baby Snook's grave?

I wonder. . . Do you?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Wild and Free - finally beginning

Selection of fabrics for Wild and Free
October 2014
Several years ago I purchased two wildlife panels at a quilt shop. Then, I began purchasing colorful fabrics that I thought would complement the panels. Then the panels and fabric marinated for many, many months (okay, years) until I finally decided to do something with them.

This summer, I pulled the fabrics and panels out and began dreaming, scheming and planning. Last week, I made the first cuts and turned the smaller segments into giant stars.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Foreign Friday

Pendulum to antique clock
purchased in Misawa, Japan in 1979
One of my most treasured mementos from Japan is an antique Schoolhouse Regulator Clock purchased at an antique shop, located next to the Misawa cemetery featured in these posts.

Antique clock purchased in Misawa, Japan in 1979
The clock has a lot of character and has kept accurate time in my house since I purchased it in 1979. It is a 7-day clock, and I wind it usually on Sunday and yearly give it a squirt of WD40. 

The clock case measures 19 inches from top to bottom. 

The steady ticking of the clock is soothing. I'm so accustomed to the hourly chime that I seldom hear it, even at night. 

Another regulator, a 30-day clock (purchased new in 1982) that chimes the hour and half hour hangs in my family room.

I'd love to know something about the previous owners of my antique clock, but sadly, I do not. I can only imagine the stories it can tell.

Do you own any clocks that require winding?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Back in Time - Yellow Recliner

Rich S.
approximately 1964
I don't remember when the yellow (some may say it was gold, but to my eyes it was yellow) recliner was purchased, but it was a favorite place for nearly everyone in the family to take a nap. My brother often would nap on Sunday afternoons while watching TV.

The photo of Rich shows the living room wall before it was covered with paneling. I remember helping my mother hang the beige and brown wallpaper shown in this photo.

The lamp shade was often turned like it is in the photo to hide the hole a parakeet nibbled near the top.

The desk, shown in the photo, was eventually moved into my bedroom. The top drawer on the right had a broken bottom piece, so it was tricky to open it without that section falling out.

Note the pole lamp with the three lights. My mother used that pole lamp for years. Each light had a three-way switch and could be controlled as a group or individually.

Rosa S.
December 1965
My mother could also be caught napping from time to time in the yellow recliner. Obviously the living room had to be rearranged for Christmas which is why this chair was moved to the corner and the desk under the east window. (When photos were taken with a film camera, it was common for the film to be developed months after the event which is why this photo is stamped "May" instead of "December" or "January")

Note the toothpick tree on the corner of the desk. This was made by pushing hundreds of round toothpicks into several styrofoam balls and then stacking the toothpick balls into a tree shape. The "tree" was sprayed with "snow" and decorated with mini glass decorations.

The fiberglass TV tray in the lower left corner were used for years as was the leather footstool that my mother made at an Extension Club workshop.

My mother's stylish glasses seem to glow in this photo. Ironically, the frame design is popular again.

Did your family have a favorite chair for napping?

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