Thursday, May 28, 2015

Diminishing Scraps

Baby hats made from scrap sock yarn
The sock yarn scraps are nearly gone, thanks to these eight baby hats as well as these hats that were finished and posted last month.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Back in Time - LeRoy

LeRoy S.
Wind River High School
approximately 1988
Where do I begin? LeRoy (aka Captain America) was a colleague for many years, but he was also a teacher of mine when I was a senior. My senior business teacher died mid-year, and LeRoy, a teacher at a rival school (Morton High School), was asked to teach some of her classes (probably during his planning period). My school, Pavillion and Morton were scheduled to consolidate the following year to form Wind River. I returned approximately twelve years later, as an English (Language Arts) teacher at Wind River.

LeRoy was a jokester and through the years, he dished out as much as he received. One April Fool's Day, several of the teachers slipped into LeRoy's room and removed ALL the typewriters, opened the windows and waited for LeRoy to discover his room had been robbed.

Some of the men unhooked a trailer from behind his vehicle and hid it. They had informed the Sheriff's deputy beforehand, so the "joke" extended beyond the school.

LeRoy's school mailbox was on the top right corner, and he was notorious for letting his mail stack up until it was overflowing. His box was like a black hole where announcements and papers disappeared. I caught him "cleaning" out his box one day. (Note the mimeograph machine in the bottom right of the photo. The white board with the grid on the far right was the school's class schedule.)
Principal Bob B. presents LeRoy with a "door prize"
The consolidated school consisted of two campuses some twelve miles apart for many years: high school near Kinnear; middle school/elementary in Pavillion. The high school parent teacher conferences were usually held in the middle school/elementary gymnasium in Pavillion.

I can't remember the circumstances, but one year during conferences, the principal presented LeRoy with a "Door Prize," an actual door that was stored on the stage at the end of the gymnasium.

LeRoy hosted a "Dating Service" every year as prom approached, and the students loved it. His track teams could share many memorable times, too. The school's track and field bears his name, and he was named to the Wyoming Coaches' Hall of Fame.

For several decades, the Wind River staff remained fairly constant, and only the principals changed. Friendships and a camaraderie was established that benefited not only the staff but also the entire district and the students. Personally, I think LeRoy played a large role in that atmosphere.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seacell Socks

women's size 10
I first posted these socks in March when I reviewed the Sock Rocket needles. The yarn came from Katherine (I think) in a swap hosted by Kathyb.

Pattern: Plain Jane - ribbed cuff socks

Needles: size 2, US

Creatively Dyed Yarn (Ocean)  70% wool and 30% Seacell  - 5.6 ounces fingering
Regina Tweed  70% super wash wool, 25% polyamide, 5% Viscose

It's the first time, I've ever knit with yarn that contained Seacell: it is a bit coarse to knit and split a bit, but I think it will wear like iron. I tried several projects (a cowl, a hat, a shawl) with this yarn before deciding to knit the Plain Jane socks, and I have enough remaining to make another pair. The Ocean color way is a vibrant and over-powering, so I paired it with the tweed to tone it down a bit.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Guild Retreat

Jeni, Brenda, and Mary
Locker Hooking class
Fiber Guild Retreat
May 2015
Recently, the Fremont County Fiber Arts Guild hosted its annual retreat in Lander. Three classes were held: Locker Hooking, Needle-felted sheep, and Needle-felted knitting gnome. I took the Locker Hooking class, taught by Mary H., who also taught the Beginning Crochet class that I took at the 2014 retreat.

For a minimal supplies fee, I received the canvas, a yard of fabric, and the locker hooking needle.

I finished the mat at home in a couple of nights. I love the technique and plan to make some other mats from scrap materials. Thank you, Mary for being such a great instructor.

completed Locker Hooking mat
The two Needle-felting classes were taught by Nancy J. who posted about the classes on her blog High Plains Footprints.

Vicky, Sandy, and Nancy
Needle-felting Sheep class
May 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sue's Gifts

Sue's quilt kit - destined to be a QOV
Sue stopped by my house a couple of weeks ago, bearing gifts: some fabric and two kits. The kit, shown above, is for a full-sized quilt - complete with backing fabric. It will soon become a Quilt of Valor.

She also brought some red yardage (sorry, no photo) - approximately six yards that I'll use for a Quilt of Valor backing and some presentation cases.

Wall hanging kit
This kit included the pattern (appliqué) for the eagle. While it is beautiful, I told Sue that I would not be making the eagle, but would use the fabric for other Quilt of Valor projects, and she was fine with that idea.

I would like to offer the Eagle appliqué pattern to someone who would actually make it. It is 29.5 x 26 inches. If more than one person expresses an interest in the pattern, the names will be placed in a hat and the winner selected on May 26, 2015.

Thank you, Sue for sharing your kits for Quilts of Valor.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Quilt of Valor
60 x 68 inches

Paintbox was partially created by some Quilt of Valor elves (see this earlier post) and named for the paintboxes we all had as kids.

Pattern: Disappearing Nine-Patch - free online pattern and tutorial

This is Quilt of Valor #65 - a list of completed QOV can be see here.

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