Thursday, May 5, 2016

Capturing the Moment

April 23, 2016
near Parker, CO
I stayed at my niece's home the weekend before the Sisters' Sew-in. We went for walks, enjoyed the beautiful weather (before it turned nasty on Monday), worked on a large puzzle, and visited.

Saturday afternoon, we noticed that the neighbors were taking advantage of the nice day by snapping prom photos in front of my niece's landscaping. (I captured the moment on my cell phone camera through the window.)

Do you remember taking prom photos? What color was your favorite prom dress?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Scrappy Lanterns

Scrappy Lanterns
Quilt of Valor
57 x 67 inches
One of the kits that I prepared from some scrap 10-inch squares and made at the Sisters' Sew-in was Scrappy Lanterns: the layout reminded me of Oriental lanterns.

Pattern: Large Fence by Let's Quilt Something
                     I used the alternative layout and added another row to meet
                     the QOV size requirement

Scrappy Lanterns is Quilt of Valor #90 - a complete list can be seen here

This pattern created 90 bonus half-square triangles that will be used in a future project.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sisters' Sew-in 2016

Front of the T-shirts that Marilyn bought for the Sisters' Sew-in
April 2016
Marilyn and I spent last Monday thru Friday quilting on our own projects in her sewing room, and we both got a LOT accomplished. I took four kits I prepared from scraps to make Quilts of Valor, and Marilyn worked on a kit from her stash. 

Marilyn purchased official T-shirts for our sew-in and we wore them the first two days. 

Nancy and Marilyn
Sisters' Sew-in
Day One
We were so focused on sewing, that we didn't even step outside until Thursday. The weather was nasty all week - perfect for sewing. . .

Centennial, CO
Friday, April 29, 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016

Transposing Spring

Las Vegas, NV
April 2015
Spring is trying to arrive here, but still not a lot of blooms or color, so I'm transposing a 2015 Vegas springtime scene to Wyoming 2016.

Two of my favorite spring-time flowers in my area are lilacs and crabapple blossoms. What are your favorite spring flowers?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Foreign Friday

Torii gates
Beppu, Japan
April 1980
Earlier posts with other images of torii gates can be seen here.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Floral Art

Large Crane
Conservatory of the Bellagio Hotel
Las Vegas, NV
April 2015
As I prepared some recent blog posts, I found some photos taken a little over a year ago when Brenda, Marilyn, Cheryl and I flew to Las Vegas, NV to celebrate Marilyn's birthday. Today, I want to share a bit of springtime, Vegas style.

Conservatory of the Bellagio Hotel
 The morning we walked over to the Bellagio to have breakfast, was the day the floral displays were being refreshed - new, cut flowers were being placed into the large featured displays.

This worker is replaced some mums on the large crane's wings. According to the sign near the crane, it was 6 foot high with a wing span of 6 foot. It was constructed of 200 feathers and 1,400 flowers. The legs were sculpted epoxy coating over steel armature. The cranes eyes were fabricated from acrylic.

We also saw workers refreshing the flowers on the turtle's shell.

This is a job that I would enjoy. How about you?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Photographic Memories

found on FaceBook
While this is not 100% true for my generation, it certainly is for Marilyn's grandchildren who are in their 20s.

I was a yearbook (annual) advisor for 25 years and clearly remember when digital cameras seriously came into play for snapping yearbook photos. Pixel count was a BIG deal for those early cameras and anything less than 10 pixels simply did not take photos worth publishing in the yearbook. In those days, the staff relied on Pentax SLR cameras, and they were workhorses and took a LOT of abuse from the student photographers. I taught the students how to develop their film in the darkroom and print their own photos, too. I loved watching their excitement as the images seemed to pop off of the paper as it was in the developer tray. Gradually, those days disappeared as digital cameras improved, and the darkroom was used less and less. By the time I retired, it was rarely used for anything but storage.

I love digital cameras, but I think film cameras still have a place in our modern world. Very few people actually print photos anymore. I fear that future generations will not know the joy of opening a box filled with old photographs and reading the names written on the back in a steady or wobbly script. How many digital images have that information?

What are you doing to organize and identify the people in your digital images for future generations?

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