Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mary's Blankets

Preemie baby blanket
Seed-stitch blocks
This preemie blanket posted on the needles last week is now complete. Last week's photo more closely captured the true color of the yarn called Blue Mist #115 (Lion Brand Wool-Ease).

Full-size baby blanket
Checks and Ridges stitch

Yes, both of these blankets were knit with the same yarn, but as mentioned above, it was difficult photograph. The yarn is a tweed - pink, purple, royal blue, and navy blue.

Mary sent six skeins of the Blue Mist yarn that was used to create these two blankets which will be sent to the Pine Ridge Reservation Project.

Monday, July 28, 2014


58 x 68 inches
Quilt of Valor
The Three Dude's Blocks were used to create another Quilt of Valor that I named, Kaleidoscope. I loved playing with a kaleidoscope when I was young, seeing all the beautiful colors turning into unique designs.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Foreign Friday

Bangkok paper
Bangkok, Thailand
December 1979
I cannot read a word in this paper, but I thought the written Thai language was beautiful and wanted to take a bit of it home with me.

The paper was purchased from a street vendor next to a photography shop. I suppose the vendor wondered why a lady who did not speak Thai wanted a newspaper.

For some reason, it is difficult for me to put this in the recycle bin.

Bangkok paper
Bangkok, Thailand
December 1979
Oddly, I did not purchase a Japanese newspaper, but I did purchase one in Taiwan.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back in Time - Visiting the Fair

Rosa S.
Fremont County Fair
Riverton, WY
approximately 1977 or 1978
My mother loved touring the animal barns at the County Fair, and of course, some of the animals appreciated the rubs and scratches she gave them.

Mom must have had something special planned for the evening because she has her hair in curlers. (Remember the brush curlers that were secured with pink pins?) She is shown in the following photo with two grandchildren, my sister Marilyn's children. They came to Wyoming during the summer to work on Grandma Rosie's farm for a few years.

Dwight M., Grandma Rosie, Brenda M.
Fremont County Fair
Riverton, WY
approx. 1977 or 1978
The County Fair starts next week, and I'll make the circuit through the animal barns offering scratches and ear rubs - the cycle continues.

Do you visit the animal barns when you go to the fair?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Three Dudes' Blocks

Stack of blocks ready to sew into larger blocks
for another Quilt of Valor
At the end of Mondays post, I said that scrap-busting was happening in my sewing room. It seems like all I do anymore is create more scraps, so I simply must get the scraps under control before cutting into any new fabric. Some of my scraps are 2.5 inch strips that were cut from excess backing fabric of previous Quilts of Valor and others small bits remaining from other blocks.

I love the video tutorials of the Missouri Star Quilt Company (MSQC), and if you've never watched any of them, you really should. Most of the projects are new-quilter friendly.

This particular block came from the Three Dudes Quilt Shop in Arizona. MSQC created a video on how to make the block, believe me it is easy and uses a LOT of scraps.

(For non-quilters, a Jelly Roll, is a roll of 2.5 inch strips from one fabric line.) For my blocks, I simply used 2.5 inch strips.

I hope to show you some progress on these blocks and this Quilt of Valor by next week.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yes, I Still Knit. . .

Seed-stitch blocks
Baby Blanket
July 2014
Yes, I still knit, but for some reason, my knitting has slowed considerably this summer. I have a "grab and go" bag that I take to evening concerts in the park and at the library, but that knitting is strictly dishcloths because I can visit and tap my foot to the beat without needing to concentrate on my knitting.

You will notice that I'm using multiple markers on this blanket. They aren't really necessary, but they are a good reminder for me to pay attention to my stitches on the wrong side rows.

A month ago, Mary sent me a bunch of yarn, and this blanket is being knit with some of it. This blanket will be donated to the Pine Ridge Reservation Project. Thank you, Mary for making this and other blankets possible for this impoverished area.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Calico Stars

Calico Stars
Quilt of Valor
56 x 75 inches
The stars and sawtooth border of this quilt were made entirely from scraps of other Quilts of Valor; thus, the name Calico Stars.

I loved working with this pattern (Stars from Stripes) by Cozy Quilt Designs because making the stars did not result in creating more scraps, i.e. no waste. The tips that were cut off to create the stars were used to create the sawtooth border. I did make an adjustment in the placement of the sawtooth border and extended the final border to 6.5 inches instead of the suggested 5.5 inches in order to meet Quilt of Valor minimum size standards.

I'm on a mission to reduce my scraps, so stay tuned for even more scrap busting.

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