Saturday, March 21, 2009

Prep Work

Last summer, I spent two afternoons striping piles of blue jeans (about 20 - 25 pair) for the rugs that I make. I do the striping outside because it is so messy with lint and strings going everywhere. Very little of the jeans go to waste. The denim strips are ripped about 1 - 1 1/2 inches wide from the cuff to the pockets. All of the loose strings are removed from the strips.

Yesterday, I found the bag of strips in the garage and began the process of sewing them together. The bag was stuffed with the strips. The strips were chain-stitched and placed in a crate.

As the pile of strips in the crate grew, I could not see the bottom of the bag. Was I making any progress?

Then, the end was in sight.

The crate was filled, and the bag was empty. The crate filled with strips turned into this. . .

Four balls of denim strips (enough to make four rugs) ready for the rug frame.

I fold the strips in half as I roll the ball, and by the time they are needed, the strips lay flat. On the frame, the "pressed" strips make it easy to work with the weft.


  1. I've learned a lot from you. I have my loom strung and balls of strips rolled up. Then I got sidetracked by the kids moving. Now the weather has warmed and I want to be outside. It may be next winter before I get back to it.

  2. Very interesting! Making those strips,sounds likehard work! Can't wait to see the rug! Denim, one of my favorites!

  3. Nancy ~ I'm don't know if you have anyone in your liffe to tell you how creative, thrifty, talented, but most of all caring and willingness to give of yourself.

    I'm am so blessed to have met you through this crazy world of blogging.


  4. I love how you use all you can off of something. I've notice with a lot of your items you use things up, much the opposite of our disposable society. It makes me happy!

  5. Love reading about your rugs. A friend has a rug loom stored near me, I should go look at it. It's a big one where you sit at it and push the shuttle thru it. I have a friend who uses her's to make wonderful rag rugs. Oh dear, not another hobby!

  6. This doesn't look like the fun part of rug making to me. I guess you develop a rhythm and just keep going until the bag is empty. I do love the finished denim rag balls, so I suppose that might motivate me to get through the process.

  7. Thanks for the idea of folding the strips as you roll them into a ball. I am getting ready to try my first twined rug. I have looked at a zillion pictures and videos, and I think I can do it. :) I made a loom tonight and as soon as I get some long eye hooks to support my rods in the middle of the side pieces, I'll be ready to get my fabrics together. I'm getting excited about starting. I've crocheted at least a dozen rag rugs but have never woven one.


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