Thursday, March 19, 2009

Television Tracking

Today is my "official" day to begin tracking my television viewing; however, it will not be a valid reflection on my "typical" viewing routine. Why?

Simply stated, March Madness and all the hype that surrounds always seem to dominate my favorite stations and preempt my favorite shows.

I do not watch the Madness because I cannot stand to watch any sports on TV. At least my diary is going to show my preference on that issue.

* Note: my issues with Blogger disappeared as quickly as they appeared. I have no idea if anything I tried was the solution or if it was something beyond my control.


  1. Glad to hear your blogger problems are no more. I'm with you on the sports on TV. It makes my brain fall asleep. I will sometimes watch the Super Bowl if there is seven layer dip as a reward for suffering through the game.

  2. Nancy..
    Glad you fixed the Blogger what are you watching??LOL
    hope this week is going great for you:))

  3. How do you get to BE a Nielson Rating person? I'd like to get my opinions/TV preferences known.

    Wondering ...

  4. This is where we are different. I'm a baseball fan and can't wait for the season to begin. When my team is playing, I'm watching (6 games a week and a very long season). Usually that's the only sport I follow, but John and I are tuning in for the March Madness. We're participating in a family tournament and we have see how our picks (guesses) are doing. It's more fun when you have a team to cheer for.


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