Saturday, March 28, 2009

On the Edge

I finally figured out how to attach a lacy border to an Oddball blanket. You may remember that I tried to add a border to Creamsicle but failed miserably and had to frog my attempt. I sent the blanket to Kaniger who added a gorgeous border and transformed Creamsicle into a beauty.

I knew there had to be a way to knit the border to the finished blanket, and when I read how to apply an I-cord to an existing garment in Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman, I knew that I had my solution. You can read about the technique here.

I used three double-point needles. One needle picked up stitches (EZ recommends 12 - 15 stitches at a time). The other two needles were used to knit the actual lace border. Instead of knitting the last stitch (on the right side), I slipped it and knit one of the picked up stitches. Then the slipped stitch was passed over the last stitch (the picked up stitch that was just knit).

It was slow going, but once I got into the rhythm of the process, it went smoothly.

I used the Bird's Eye trim stitch from Lionbrand's site. Since the stitch is knit sideways, I knew that I could knit it on the blanket edge flat rather than in the round.

I was on a roll but anxiously watching the diminishing ball of yarn. Nearing the last corner, it was clear that I was in trouble. I hated to go buy another skein of yarn to finish the border, but it was either that or frog and start over with white yarn. I chose to go to Walmart and purchase a skein that was close in color. It was a bit lighter than the original, but it is not too obvious.

Little Princess was created from yarn in my stash and an ounce and a half of a new skein.

This was a fun experiment. Now that I know it is possible to edge the blankets, I may do it again.


  1. Just beautiful!!! My favorite color- pink. Reminds me of pink Easter eggs and white bunnies.
    Sarita in Texas

  2. Really nice! Lion Brand offers a pattern for a lacy wascloth. You knit the cloth, then the lace and then sew it on. I've been thinking that the lace pattern could also be used on blankets. It's really a simple pattern.

  3. That's beautiful, Nancy. I was looking for a lacy border to crochet on my prayer shawl. I found a simple on for my needs but will still look for more. Just finished the third one and plan to start another soon. I sure wish we could get together to knit and crochet!

  4. You did a lovely job! I think that learning new techniques can be scary, but you proved that with a bit of diligence, the effort really pays off in the end!

  5. how lovely that looks..Great job!
    hope youre having a nice Sunday..
    take care,

  6. Looks cute...I am knitting a blanket for my sister...what is the best way to attach the strips?

  7. It looks great! Good for you for figuring it out.


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