Wednesday, March 18, 2009


There is no terror in a bang,
only in the anticipation of it.
~ Alfred Hitchcock ~

I could hardly contain my excitement when I opened the boxes that contained my Knit Picks order. I had waited two weeks for the contents, two weeks of intense anticipation, two weeks of delayed gratification, and two weeks of fear.

At the bottom of the box was the item I have delayed purchasing: Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman, and now it was in my hands. I settled in my favorite chair and began to scan the pages.

I nearly purchased the book before, but I was turned off by Zimmerman's style of writing. I lack confidence in my knitting skills, and her "patterns" are somewhat difficult for me to wrap my head around. I have decided to just take the plunge and try: it is a big leap of faith. I want to make the Pie Are Square Shawl, the Moccasin Socks, and the Bog Jacket. If I have too much difficulty, I will order the companion DVD.

The other items round out my knitting tools collection. Knit Picks recently added the tools to their catalog, and the price is very reasonable.

I hope to conquer my fear and actually knit these items. I hope that Alfred Hitchcock's observation is correct and that the terror is only in the anticipation.


  1. Wow, look at all your goodies! Have fun with them. Your ready to conquer knitting challenges now!

  2. I'm the same way with EZ. I have one of her books, but haven't knit anything from it yet. I've always wanted to knit Baby Surprise Jacket. I think I could probably do it now, but at the time I bought the book, her pattern writing style confused me.

    Thanks for the link to KP's tools. I may have to order the sock blockers and some flexible stitch markers (my favorite). Excellent prices!

  3. You are an inspiration....why??? You never stop moving ahead. Go for it and be sure to post on your journey. Thanks for the web site..will check it out even though I am a novice knitter.

  4. Nancy
    you are a inspiration you are into everything, like the woven Rug big WOW

  5. How exciting and fun! I love packages. Good luck with the new book. :)

  6. Hi Nancy... Gee... you ARE a busy little thing... I love looking at all your projects and am awed by the way you actually FINISH everything! (and I cannot imagine anything you couldn't knit... I'm just waiting for you to post a picture of the knitted guest house in your back yard!!! ...with windowboxes...) Thanks for sharing... JeannieTX

  7. Yay! New goodies!

    If you get stuck, don't forget to try YouTube for 'how to' videos. I had trouble with a certain crochet pattern's instructions and was able to find a video onn how to do it.

    Enjoy your new toys!


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