Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks Giving Day

I am thankful for:

my faith helps me through difficult times. My father's illness and death when I was fifteen, a family dispute after my mother and two brothers' deaths, and my illness are the some situations that have tested my beliefs and values. The Lord has been faithful in leading me and carrying me through rough waters.

my sisters anchor me with their unconditional love.

my illness forces me to evaluate my life and my priorities. As strange as it may sound, I see it as a blessing.

my home provides me shelter and security. It is just the right size, and I am blessed to have a wonderful and caring next door neighbor.

my laptop and the Internet are invaluable to me. They help me to cope with my limitations. By using them, I am able to connect with others in all corners of the world as well as gain understanding and knowledge.

my knitting needles keep my hands and mind busy. By making items for others, I am helping myself.

chocolate and flannel sheets are luxuries that I love. Thank you, Lord for these small pleasures.

my doctors and nurses provide me with exceptional care even though they see me at my worst.


  1. Amen!

    Thanks for reminding me - I need to find some flannel sheets, they do keep us very warm. God bless Nancy may you have a Blessed Day. Love Deb.

  2. Not everyone would be able to see that there are blessings from adversity. I admire that in you and hope I am able to do the same when faced with difficult circumstances.

  3. You are such an inspiration for us all, Nancy.


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