Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Making Progress

Even though the technique still feels foreign and clumsy to me, the leg on two-color Christmas stocking is growing longer.

My knitting has been placed on the "back burner" recently, and I need to get back into the habit of knitting at least one hour a day because I feel better when I just sit and knit.

During my hospital volunteer shift on Monday, I was able to finish a hat that I started two weeks ago. I can usually knit a hat in a single day. I also had time to complete a gusset on a sock I started over a month ago. These projects have hardly been out of my knitting bag, so it is no wonder I haven't accomplished much.

Nine inches remain on my sister's twined rug. If I work on it while watching TV, I should have it finished by Saturday.

Slowly and steadily, my projects are finally progressing.

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  1. The stocking is looking beautiful, Nancy. I'm really out of the habit of knitting, too. I was thinking just last night that there's little to indicate that my blog is a knitting one. I can't remember when I last showed some knitting!

    I'm taking my knitting camping, and though I usually don't end up knitting on camping trips, I'm going to try real hard and make myself this time. ;-)


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