Sunday, November 23, 2008

Necessary Eyesore

More and more wind farms are cropping up in Wyoming and additional ones are being contemplated. Wyoming is a prime area for a wind farm because the wind can be quite powerful here, and without a doubt, in some areas of the state, wind is a daily occurrence.

In 1965 Lady Byrd Johnson's dream to remove the clutter of bill boards along our nations highway took root. Beautiful vistas were seen and enjoyed for over 40 years.

Now, the clutter (in Wyoming at least) is definitely more obnoxious than a bill board: it is the rows and rows and rows of wind turbines that line the ridges.

I know that it is important to develop cleaner methods of delivering power to our nation. I know that wind power is a "greener" option, but I miss the view.

Update: November 22, 2013

Other than being an eyesore, the wind turbines are also dangerous for wildlife, especially birds. More information can be found here.


  1. My Grandma's house is in an area of NY called Elmira. On the way to Elmira in the beginning of October this year, we were driving and got to a certain area where we suddenly saw windmills right on top of the hills. I forgot they had put them up recently. It was really cool to see, but at the same time, it just seemed weird for them to be there. I know we definitely need to use more natural sources for energy, but I don't know how else we'd use wind power without those huge windmills! Oh, and on the way home, we drove by a truck stop that had a truck carrying one windmill blade as it's load. It was so amazing to actually see how huge the blades are!!

  2. I certainly wouldn't miss the stuff around here. But, to look at nothing but wind mills that look like sticks in the ground, I don't think so. Now if they were the one's from the Netherlands okay, we could decorate them with flowers. Love ya, Deb.

  3. We just drove past a bunch of Wyoming windmills this morning and my kids and I really like them. They are big and powerful looking. I thought they looked neat both up close and off in the distance. Actually it is one of their favorite parts about the drive to Green River. They also like the tunnel :).

  4. I agree that wind turbines are changing the view. There are 120+ of them along I-70 west of Salina KS. They are quite impressive, but disturbing in that they look like something from a scifi movie. I hope they really are the answer to our energy problems. I do know they are the answer to the landowners' money worries.


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