Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lean On Me

Chronic illness affects the body, but it also takes a toll on the mind and the spirit. Patients walk a very, fine line when they share with friends and family. If they share too much, the listener tunes them out or thinks they complain too much. If they share too little, the family and friends dismiss the complaints and concerns too quickly to get to the root of the problem. Finding a balance is difficult, but necessary. If the patients do not have an outlet for the frustrations, then depression settles over them.

Support Groups can offer that outlet for the patient (and sometimes the caregiver) in a safe environment where the listeners understand because they live with the same issues. PH support groups can be located on Pulmonary Hypertension Association and PH Central websites.


  1. Nancy how true, if it weren't for the PH message board it is so hard to talk to anyone, they just don't want to hear how we are doing.

    Thanks for the PH Central site I did not know that was there.

  2. It is indeed a fine line. You hate to burden loved ones, and they loathe being shut out. How much to say? When to say it? It's tough for all involved.


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