Thursday, November 13, 2008

On a Roll (finally)

Getting materials ready to make a rug is messy and time-consuming. About three months ago, I tore some sheets I purchased at a thrift shop into 1 1/2 strips. I contained the strips in an old laundry basket, intending to roll the strips into balls while I watched evening TV. The basket was moved from in front of my chair to the love seat and then to the coffee table and then back to the craft room. I just could not get motivated to roll the strips into balls.

Yesterday, I decided I had procrastinated enough, so I tackled the basketful of strips. I removed all the extra strings from the strips and stacked them into neat piles to make rolling them into balls easier. Taking a stack of strips at a time, I folded and rolled the fabric into balls.

The balls definitely take up less room than the individual fabric strips. After the holidays, I will begin working on another rug. Maybe, some of these colors will be used.


  1. good idea to use strips from thrift store sheets. Clever.

    I think I'm going to attempt a crochet rug soon. You've inspired me. My great-grandmother used to make them and my youngest sister has one of nanna's rugs in her home. :)

    Do you have a special loom or something that you use to weave your rugs?

  2. I like the way they look all rolled into balls.

  3. It is amazing how much time it takes to put a basket of material into balls. I used to do it, but no energy now a days. Great Job.


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