Saturday, November 8, 2008

On the Home Stretch

The end is in sight, and I am on the home stretch.

I don't enjoy twining at the end of the rug because the space is so tight. I use Aunt Philly's Toothbrush Needles on the last few rows.


  1. Hi Nancy, Your rugs are very colorful. Do you plan the colors you put together? Do you use new fabric? I'd like to try something new. Mary

  2. Mary,

    I choose about fifteen colors before I begin. I put them in a basket and reach in a grab two colors. I do that throughout the twining process. I do not use new fabric: it would be too expensive, and my purpose is to keep fabric out of the landfill. I use old, cotton clothing and sheets. Each rug takes about 15 yards of cotton for the weave and about four/five pair of blue jeans for the warp.

  3. Nancy, I'm going to try to "sweet-talk" you into donating one of your amazing treasures that you've made for our PH fundraiser next year!

  4. I love these rugs! I really like that they are made from recycled fabric too.

  5. fabulous! It reminds me of my childhood. :)


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