Midweek Entertainment

String Orchestra
Laramie High School students
January 2023

Last Wednesday, one of the three orchestras at Laramie High School performed for a large group of seniors at the Eppson Center. Nearly all of the students have been playing string instruments since they were very young. It was a delight to hear them perform. 


  1. That had to be such an enjoyable concert! How nice of the teacher to think to share her kids!

  2. How lovely! My grandson who is a whiz on the piano just took up the cello. Not sure how they relate to each other but I guess music is music. He doesn't get his musical abilities from me-I've been plunking away on the same song on my guitar for 50 years...lol.

  3. How nice!!! I would have loved to be there.

  4. That must have been a nice concert! It sure brought back memories of my violin-playing days.


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