Friday, January 26, 2018

Helpful Tools - Removable Markers

baby hat with removable stitch marker
January 2018
Removable stitch markers are very helpful. I use them in many ways: to indicate the right side of my knitting, to mark my progress in the knitting session, to show measurements (the green marker on this baby hat is at the 3 inch mark - I begin decreases at 4 inches), and to hold a dropped stitch until it can be repaired.

Over the years, I've used various stitch markers, but the removable ones are my favorite because they are so versatile.


  1. I do have some of those but don't really use them much. When knitting socks I prefer a stitch marker on the needle to mark the beginning of a row. Good idea for the dropped stitch - I will keep that in mind (because you know...I will be dropping some...)

  2. I have some plastic ring ones that I bought years and years ago and I love them, but as you know, things disappear. I am so careful with them and yet I found myself down to less than a dozen markets. I bought a new box of exactly the same brand and they are made of a flimsy plastic and they don’t work nearly as well. So this week I ordered some new stitch markers from Amazon and they arrived yesterday. They are also removable, but they are metal and they’re shaped like a lightbulb with a safety pin catch. I haven’t used them yet but I hope they work as well as my original stitch markers. I think about 500 of them came in the bag so they should last me well beyond my lifetime!
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. It is only in recent times that I discovered these removable markers and I think they are just great. Wish they had them when I was younger and still doing knitting, but they are good for crochet as well and I am pleased to have them among my tools.

  4. Removable markers seems like it would be a "no brainer" kind of tool that a knitter couldn't be without.

  5. Hi, Ellen here. Huge fan of removable stitch markers (and you!) I like to use them to mark measurements as well. Especially handy for decreasing or button holes etc when knitting garments like sweaters. I have never thought about using it for a hat, but now I will. Excellent! I have 2 sets in different colors, including hte ones you have. The stitchmarkers I use the most are the tiny tiny soft clover ones in green and purple for socks. They are also the ones I lose ALL the time. drives me nuts. I have plenty of the larger size that I don't need and I know I can use them for socks too, but they feel ... bulky. silly?

  6. I love them too I have this awful habit of knitting the marker into the work so clip marker are how i roll

  7. I agree and have a small bag full of those.

  8. I like them too until they fall out! UGH. I might need to look for the type that can be put on, closed and taken out when finished with.

  9. I second that. I love them, too.
    They also come in handy for catching dropped stitches -- a frequent problem for me!


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