Friday, January 19, 2018

Greeting Visitors

Snow Pals sporting bright, new scarves
January 2018
The Christmas decorations have been returned to storage, but the Snow Pals are still hanging by my front door. In December, I replaced their faded and limp scarves with some colorful scraps.

I can't remember when they were purchased, but it's probably been about ten years. Two different styles of fence pickets form the snowmen.

These two pals make me smile and will stay by the door until the snow in the yard is melted.


  1. So cute! Love the bright scarves.

  2. Very cheerful and they're new scarves are perfect. The only Christmas d├ęcor (other than a couple of centerpieces) is the garland draped on my porch railing. I was just thinking that today would be a good day to take it down since it won't be so cold - and we are expecting more snow on Sunday.

  3. Perfect little greeters!

  4. I love your snowmen. I too keep them up and around for festive touches until March! I may needle felt a few snowmen...we'll see

  5. I love snowmen and yours are just perfect for outdoors. Usually I keep mine around until the end of February or March, but on Monday I put mine all away for the season. I'm so ready for spring this year. I think it's all of the sickness around. I needed the bright springy colors surrounding me. Your snowmen do make me smile though.

  6. So cute and looking very smart with their new scarves!

  7. Great doormen! I'm sure they appreciated the renewed scarves!

  8. Love those Snow Pals and their cheery scarves.

  9. Those are so cute. I like to have seasonal decorations out but Pat does a better job of getting things put up and/or out!


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