Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Little Hats Big Hearts

five finished red hats and one on the needles
January 2018
A local yarn shop (Pingora Yarns) is collecting red baby hats through January for the American Heart Association project, Little Hats Big Hearts.

The hats will be distributed at the two local hospitals for babies born in February.

One requirement is that the hats must be made with acrylic or cotton yarn. I purchased a skein of Red Heart yarn and cast on a hat only to frog it: the yarn was too stiff and scratchy for babies. My friend Sue gave me a skein of SOFT yarn she found at Walmart. I love how the yarn feels to knit, and it's baby friendly, too. Thanks, Sue

I've finished five hats and have a sixth one on the needles. I may be able to knit a seventh as well.

Yarn: Mainstays Basic Yarn (Red)
         7 ounce skein - 100% acrylic

Needles: US size 5

Pattern: 1-2-3 Baby Beanie by Lisa Seifert (Ravelry link)

Note: as shown in the photo, the pattern has garter ridge bands. I knit two hats with one garter ridge, two hats with two garter ridge bands, and two hats with three garter ridge bands.


  1. I think babies in red hats will be adorable! I'm currently fighting with a strained elbow and a cut thumb, so no knitting for me. :-( Hopefully, it will clear up and I can get one or two finished for this.

  2. What a gorgeous color! That is a wonderful cause too.

  3. Awww. Your hats will look so adorable in the nursery. All those little red hats on the Valentine kids. Good for you for refusing to knit a scratchy hat for a newborn!

  4. The are perfect for those February babies.

    Florida Hospital in Orlando does that same project.

  5. Great project and beautiful hats. A nursery full of babies in red hats will be so adorable!

  6. What a wonderful project! :) I can just imagine all those babies with red hats! :)

  7. More good hearted crafting from you! I'm glad you found a yarn that works for what you need. I think I'm familiar with the soft.

  8. Those will keep some little heads warm!

  9. Such a lot of cozy warm hats for little baby heads - good on you for helping out such a good cause.

  10. That’s a great idea. Maybe I’ll get some red yarn when I get home to make a few for our hospital. I have about 40 crocheted hats ready to donate but none are red! I really like the pattern you chose.

  11. What cute little hats! I'm sure the babies (and moms) will appreciate receiving them.


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