Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Party's Over

Nature's confetti
Private office entrance
Riverton Post Office
Riverton, WY
May 2016

The crab apple trees put on a lovely display despite the cold, rainy (even snowy) Spring weather. Now, their blooms are scattered on the sidewalks, drives, and streets like confetti from a party that ended too soon.


  1. I can imagine how pretty they looked "raining" down to the ground.

  2. I would hate walking on that. Here we have these trees that loose these yellow flowers and they stain everything.

  3. And look how pretty those petals make the most ordinary scene look. Poignant words.

  4. I noticed the same thing just down the street from our house last week. We had a couple of windy days and those pretty blossoms were history. But we sure enjoy them while they last.

  5. Natures continuing cycle is indeed amazing.

  6. :-( more party!

    But, I'll be it was a great show while it lasted.

  7. I do love the last part where they snow blossoms onto the ground

  8. Our driveway looks like that when our pear trees drop their blossoms. It looks like snow--very pretty but a pain to clean up.


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