Monday, May 16, 2016

Oil City Welcome

Oil City Statue
east entrance to Casper, WY
May 2016
I've wanted to photograph the welcome sign that sits next to Interstate 25 on the east edge of Casper, WY for a long time. When I came home from Denver on May 1st, I decided to take time do it. I took the Hat Six exit and drove to the frontage road and was surprised that most of the road was dirt and filled with water puddles and potholes, caused by the recent snow/rain. I grew up driving dirt roads, so I didn't let the condition of the road bother me and easily found my way to the sidewalk that led to the welcome statue.

east side of Casper, WY at the Hat Six exit on the north side of I-25
According to the signage the sculpture was created by Seth Vandable and called "Man Made Energy." The welcome statue was dedicated July 7, 2005.

Casper's nickname is Oil City, and the faces of the four men in the sculpture bear resemblance to four Casper energy giants: H.A. (Dave) True, Mick McMurry, John Wold, and Fred Goldstein.


  1. Neat sculpture. I love when the public art pertains to something special about the area.

  2. I am so glad you did this...thanks for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful sculpture and you did a great job getting that shot. It's not always easy against a bright blue sky with loads of sunshine. (but I am NOT complaining. I love both!! ) :-)

  4. Cool beautiful sculpture. We were in Laramie but never in Casper. What a gorgeous state you live in. Allison is moving to Oklahoma city for a travel assignment this summer. New vast country land for her too

  5. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photo! I love that the sculptor put familiar faces on the men in the statue.

  6. I love the statue against the deep blue sky and fluffy white clouds!

  7. That is a very interesting welcome sign. Well worth taking the detour for the photograph.

  8. I don't recall seeing that sign when we went to Casper, wish we had.


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