Thursday, May 26, 2016

Back in Time - 1940s Air Service

Riverton, WY
approximately 1947
I'm assuming this photo was taken at an exhibition because of the crowd and the evidence of another plane's tail in the extreme left of this photo. That plane is pictured below.

These images were in a group of family negatives that I was given several years ago. A post about those negatives can be read here.

The first photo clearly shows the name, "Challenger Airlines," so I did some online research. Challenger Airlines was founded in Wyoming and regularly flew into Riverton in the late '40s. In the 1950s the airline merged to form Frontier Airlines. More information on Challenger Airlines can be found here.


  1. Someone is wearing saddle shoes in that last image! Loved the saddle shoe craze with socks

  2. That is back when flying was "classy" and you dressed up to go.

    I used to love going to air shows at our naval base in Willow Grove. In 1976 we got to see the Blue Angels, the Thunderbirds and Canada's Snowbirds all in the same day to celebrate our country's bicentennial.

  3. It's nice that you can preserve these memories by posting photos.

  4. I miss air travel from not so long ago ... when we didn't feel like cattle and there was not just dignity left but some class involved in travel.

  5. This is a fun photo! I love seeing the people and how they are dressed. It reveals a lot about the time period.


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