Thursday, May 5, 2016

Capturing the Moment

April 23, 2016
near Parker, CO
I stayed at my niece's home the weekend before the Sisters' Sew-in. We went for walks, enjoyed the beautiful weather (before it turned nasty on Monday), worked on a large puzzle, and visited.

Saturday afternoon, we noticed that the neighbors were taking advantage of the nice day by snapping prom photos in front of my niece's landscaping. (I captured the moment on my cell phone camera through the window.)

Do you remember taking prom photos? What color was your favorite prom dress?


  1. For my senior prom I wore a sea green dress that my mother made. She was a great seamstress and I received many compliments on it. That color is still one of my favorites.

  2. My senior prom was the first one held in almost 20 years at my high school in Minnesota. My dress was white with a touch of green - very 1970s. My date was actually one of my best friends since neither of us was dating anyone at the time. But I went to a couple of formals in college and wore a slinky, sexy red dress to one of those. That was my favorite and my oldest niece actually borrowed it about 4 years later to wear to her prom.

    My daughters both had some gorgeous dresses for their proms and I think my favorite one was royal blue with lots of beading. Prom dress shopping with my girls was almost as much fun as wedding dress shopping with them was later.

  3. Oh dear. Bad memories of fashion for me. I choose a yellow dress and yellow is certainly NOT my color. It was very conservative because my father wanted us all covered up. Jeez, looking back, he should have encouraged us to feel pretty at our thinnest!!! Tim Gunn would shudder if he saw our photos. However we laugh at them now. Of course FIreman and I went to prom together

  4. You know in my whole life, I have NEVER worn a "fancy" dress. I didn't go to my prom and my wedding dress was just something from my work wardrobe.

    I can't imagine how it feels to wear one. LOL

    I did take LOTS of photos of my son and his prom date. Her mom made her dress and it was EXQUISITE. Because she lived back on the "acreage" and the limo couldn't get back their dirt road, she got dressed at our house. Fourteen years later --- I'm STILL find sparkles in the carpet! LOL

    My son wore a black western "duster" tuxedo. We brought Julie along so they could pick a tux that would compliment the style of her dress. She and I had a good time picking out her "jewels" at the mall. They were a beautiful couple (just friends though). Julie is married now to a transgender person and has a little boy from her first marriage. I get to see her once in awhile and she always mentions that she really enjoyed her special night at the prom. It makes me happy that she let me be involved too (since I didn't have any girls of my own to dress up.) LOL

  5. I loved my prom dress because it was tons of frou frou in a sweet baby pink. But my favorite was my oldest daughter's dress in sleek turquoise satin with dyed-to-match shoes.

  6. I attended both my junior and senior proms with my boyfriend, who is now my hubby of 35 years. My senior prom dress was an off-the-shoulder white eyelet, and I loved it so much, I think even more than my wedding dress. I think the new trend of over-the-top "promposals" is hilarious. I think girls from our day got gypped, there was not a big to-do with the invite! lol

  7. I went three time. My first dress was green...think emerald green brocade and on sale at a dept store for 12$...quite a bit back then! My next two were made by my Mother, Lavender and the other pale pink. The pink one had bell sleeves of lace and the satin was all overlaid with pink lace. I went twice with my to be husband:)

  8. Ugh -- not really sure what color the dress was -- I went to my junior prom and boyfriend's senior prom. Then I moved across country and didn't go to my own senior prom. My guess is it was pink because I loved pink formals.


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