Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Knitting with Scraps

scrap yarn hats
three teen-sized and three newborn-sized
May 2016
I'm still working on eliminating my scrap yarn - fingering and worsted weight. The teen hats were knit with worsted weight yarn and the baby hats from several small balls of scrap sock yarn.

My attempts to Slash the Stash can be seen here.


  1. Perfect! I love using up leftovers this way. I've made socks with scraps, but I think the hats are a better idea. You did a beautiful job putting the colors together.

  2. Oh I like them ALL! SO nice. Cheerful.

  3. Who would know those were made with leftover yarn. They are so pretty that they look well planned.

  4. More great stash slashing!

    I gave away all my sock yarn scraps to a knit group friend. She is knitting up one of those scrap blankets. Now everything in my stash is full skeins. YAY!

  5. You seem to be making great progress slashing the yarn stash. Cute hats!

  6. I love those tiny hats and their bigger companions. You are the fastest knitter in the west Nancy!

  7. Pretty hats! I am knitting one like that also in a newborn size but mine is just variegated yarn. I wouldn't know how to do the stripes. Nancy

  8. Your industry is truly admirable and inspirational. I've really got to procrastinate less and just do!

  9. Beautiful hats! I need to work on stash reduction too


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