Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ragg Socks - revisited

Ragg socks
women's size 9
March 2016
The Ragg Socks are finished and ready to be gifted.

    Patons Kroy SOCKS (Blue Striped Ragg)

    Addi Turbo 16" circulars - US #2

Stitch count:
    58 stitches

Note: I started the socks at the same spot in the color repeat to create a matching pair.

Two more skeins used from my sock yarn stash. Slash the Stash progress can be seen here.


  1. Nice job on the matching. They look great!

  2. They are SO cute and rustic looking. I love Kroy. It wears SO well!

  3. You keep doing these great socks and you are going to get me in the mood to try making my own pair.

  4. Nice work on reducing the stash!

  5. Hum, your on a sock knitting spree. I've been slowly working on the first sock of a new pair. Lovely yarn but I'm not working on it enough to show much progress. Winter will soon be over so I doubt I'd wear wool socks again until late next fall! These look great. And you did a wonderful job making matching socks!


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