Friday, March 18, 2016

Foreign Friday

close-up of the Taiwan newspaper flag
shown below in the upper right corner
of the front page
I loved looking at the local newspapers wherever I travelled in Asia. The layout of the Taiwan newspaper was very different to "western" newspapers. Note the paper is read from right to left in columns.

front page of Taiwan newspaper
note paper flag in the upper right corner
back page of Taiwan newspaper


  1. I suppose our newspapers would look just as difficult to them.

    I wonder if the dark columns are advertisements?

  2. cool. reading differently is like charts in knitting .... it really bends my mind

  3. Very different newspaper design. I assume this is from your time in Japan -- 20+ years ago. Newspaper presses have changed dramatically since then. I've seen the change in papers here but I wonder if they changed there. And, of course, most papers are going online. Every year fewer print papers are available.


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