Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Back in Time - Heavenly View

view through the Esterbrook church altar window
Esterbrook, WY
circa 1974
I visited this small mountain church whenever I went for a drive to Laramie Peak. Esterbrook is a small town, and in the 1970s it was a hopping place, with country dances with live bands nearly every weekend.

The altar and pews have a clear view of Laramie Peak and the surrounding area. I could sit there and look out that window for hours and contemplate the beauty of God's creation.

If I remember correctly, the church had four or five pews on each side of the center aisle. There was a pot-bellied stove in one corner and an old organ in the other. According to Wikipedia, the church was built in 1946.

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  1. Absolutely spectacular and how fitting as it is truly his creation.

  2. The window frames the view perfectly. So pretty!

  3. With a view like that it is easy to understand why the builders put a window there.

  4. That IS a beautiful view.

  5. What a View!!!! God certainly created a beautiful Earth for us

  6. I love little country churches like this. And what an incredible view!

  7. The Esterbrook Church sounds lovely. The window reminds me of an episode of The Vicar of Dibley in which the stained glass window of the Abby is broken and the Vicar replaces it with plain glass to save money. The view is beautiful and one that the congregation has not seen before.

  8. That is a beautiful view! I could sit there a good long time:)


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