Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pattern Cards

Knitting Pattern Cards
February 2016
I cannot take credit for this knitting tip (I got it from Vicky B.), but it is worth sharing with other knitters.

No matter how hard I try to keep track of stitch repeats and which row I am knitting, I ultimately get lost, so I end up frogging repeatedly.

At the first Brickless shawl/scarf class, Vicky offered the participants blank flash cards (2" x 3") for a small fee.

How do the cards work?

The Brickless pattern has three repeats:
    Lace section - twenty rows - represented by the pink cards in the photos
    Garter Stitch section - ten rows - represented by the green cards
    Ribbed Part - fourteen rows - represented by the salmon cards

Written on each card is a SINGLE row. When a row is knit, the card is flipped to the back and the next row is visible.

This technique made knitting the Brickless painless.

When I need to stop, I place the "just finished this row" sticky note on the card. No confusion, no frustration, and a near perfect project.

I knew I'd use this technique on future projects, so I ordered a box containing 1,000 unpunched cards.

Blank flash cards can be purchased pre-punched or plain - just Google "colored, blank flash cards."

Thanks for introducing me to this easy and helpful technique, Vicky!


  1. I haven't seen that one before. What a good idea!

  2. Good idea! I like the idea of the color-coding.

  3. That's a keeper Nancy. I love that you put a sticky JUST FINISHED on the card as well. I often forget between putting it down and picking it up again, if I had just done that row or not just done that row@!

  4. That's a clever tip! I've used similar cards (on a ring) in the classroom over the years but would have never thought of using them like this.

  5. This is great, Nancy! Thanks for the tip.

  6. Wonderful tip. I think I'll take it modern and try with card stock and send it through the printer. Then use my paper rotary cutter to make individual cards. Except wait, I'm not doing any knitting with repeated patterns right now.

  7. Okay I'm all about "flashcards" as my son says. I'm all over this. I like it! I think I need to really figure out how to manage a bigger pattern before I tackle it next time...

  8. Great idea for keeping track of knitting work. These cards on a ring are handy. I've used them for memorizing scripture in the past.


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