Friday, March 4, 2016

Foreign Friday

Scooter/motor bike garages
Taipei, Taiwan
December 1979
Scooters and motor bikes are plentiful in Asia. Note there are 14 "garages" shown in this photo, which was taken from my hotel window in Taipei.


  1. I can only imagine how busy and chaotic the streets must be...

  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing that Tracy said in her comment. Those scooter garages are pretty clever.

  3. Well I never. I cannot image the level of lack of space!

  4. Out in the open under little more than a tent. I wonder if they're padlocked or anything. Years ago I had a boss who traveled to Japan (in the 80's) and he said stealing was pretty much unheard of in Tokyo. He said you could set down a briefcase in the street and leave, come back hours later and it would still be there.

  5. Lots of people = lots of scooters! Neat photo!

  6. And I'll bet there are even more now!


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