Thursday, July 9, 2015

Part of the Herd

Wyoming Medical Center Ambulance
Casper, WY
June 2015
Last week, I had time to kill between appointments, so I snapped some photos of the unique Wyoming Medical Center ambulances on the lot behind the hospital.

The hospital hosts a contest when a new ambulance is needed: you can read about the latest winner here.

Spotted in the lot last week, in addition to the Pronghorn Antelope, were an Elk and Buffalo. I saw the Eagle unit pull into the Emergency area just as I stepped out to get photos.

Elk Ambulance
Buffalo Ambulance
Some of the other animal ambulances can be see at the bottom of this post. Watch the YouTube video to see one of the ambulances on duty.

Does your area have unique emergency vehicles?


  1. What a great way to promote your state's resources!

    Nah .....nothing special here really. The City of Orlando's firetrucks all have nicknames though. My favorite one is "Beast in the East" which covers the east side of the city. The main station's trucks say "The Big House" and the one by the hospital is "Forged in Fire". Other than that --- they are just red trucks.

  2. Nope our are dull dull dull except when you need one fast. Your are really cool.

  3. This is so clever! I've never seen an ambulance or any emergency vehicle painted like this. Great idea!

  4. That's quite an interesting herd!

  5. I've never seen ambulances like that--what a great idea!

  6. Those are neat. Ours are just the usual red and white.

  7. I Hope your appointment went okay! Those are way cool paint jobs...very unique. Nope ours are white with red or blue crosses..etc...nothing special like the Wyoming ones:)

  8. Ours are just plain old red.


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