Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cool Penguin

July 19, 2015
Riverton, WY
Doesn't this look like he had a looong night and has done a "face plant"?

This penguin balloon was really cute!

Shades are nice to have when facing the morning sun!

Appropriately, he flew east into the bright, rising sun!


  1. That was my exact first thought ---- FACE PLANT!!!!

    He must be a tourist in your area ---- the shades and the camera gave him away! LOL

  2. He is so cute. I didn't see a picture of him in the newspaper photos, and I think he's photo worthy!! The sunglasses are a cute detail.

  3. That has to be the cutest big balloon I've ever seen. So glad the beak recovered from the face plant!

  4. The penguin is hilarious! We have one we used to see around here frequently that looked like the Russian nesting dolls.

  5. Love that he has a camera! What a beautiful sight he must have been in the air:)

  6. Haha! Totally looked like the penguin face planted. I thought it was a deflated jumpy house at first. I was thinking, "how awesome would it be to bounce inside a penguin!" (granted, typing that out makes me rethink my overall mental stability ...)

    Cute post. Love penguins!

  7. Too funny! He sure is cute and I'm loving that he's a photographer as well :)

  8. That is my favorite balloon ever!! I'm (again) interested in booking a ride for our anniversary. Maybe this will be the year?


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