Friday, July 24, 2015

Foreign Friday

Peggy Vaughn, Nancy Vandenberg, John Hedberg
Hong Kong
December 1979
I was nearly always the one behind the camera, so I don't have a photo of myself in Hong Kong.

These three were all Dept. of Defense teachers on Misawa AFB, Misawa, Japan. Peggy (from Mississippi taught high school English), Nancy (from Michigan was an elementary teacher), John taught high school math.

Nancy and John were married and had an interesting philosophy about purchasing souvenirs. Their philosophy can be seen here.


  1. Does the dept of defense still hire teachers for overseas? Are you on a government pension then? Im curious for zach

  2. It's too bad that your friends didn't offer to take a picture for you so you could be in some of them. But I am also the one usually behind the camera, even now with family. My girls made a family calendar last Christmas and realized the only photos they had of me were the professional family pix we had done in October. Oops!

  3. Cute. I kind of like the philosophy of "carrying your own brass lamps." LOL.

  4. Love these pictures. Anyone notice John's bell bottoms?

  5. They look like a fun group! I must remember "carry your own brass lamps."

  6. I see that John is holding a camera. Did he take pictures of you with the group? Maybe you can get one from him. Love the looks on their faces.


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