Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fiber Guild Exhibit

Lorre H. watches me explain the process of twining to Nancy K.
Frank B. Wise Business Plaza
Fort Washakie, WY
June 2015
Earlier this year, Lorre H., director of the Frank B. Wise Business Plaza in Fort Washakie, invited the Fremont County Fiber Guild to host an exhibit. After much discussion, the Guild members agreed, and now I'm sure the members are glad that the Guild accepted the invitation.

The show opened mid-June and runs through mid-July. On display are a variety of times by Guild members: knit socks, needle-felted pictures, knit shawls and scarves, knit hats, table runners, felted bags and scarves, fabric bags, knit sweaters, bears made from woven fabric, hand-spun yarn, quilts, twined rugs, doilies.

The items I submitted for the show were:
completed twined rug and the frame with a rug in progress
Dahlia knit doily
Bear Paw quilt 
snowman wall-hanging, made by Sheri H. 
Duluth Stars quilt
Strangely, I didn't take any photos the day of the Guild reception, so I borrowed these photos from the Fiber Guild Facebook page. I think they were taken by Katheryn and/or Jeni.


  1. All great pieces to display! You are very talented!! :)

  2. How wonderful Nancy ! I love the bear paw quilt the best! I love how you continue to TEACH us

  3. What a wonderful exhibit! I love your dual entries of completed and in progress twining!

  4. You have made so MANY beautiful things! :-) The display looks lovely.

  5. Amazing and beautiful exhibits! I must learn twining because I love the little rugs/mats!

  6. That doily really caught my eye. Why did I think that doilies were only crocheted?

  7. Wow! You sure have a lot of talent. The variety of art you do is amazing. The twining is something new to me. I think I'll look it up just to learn more. I'm guessing it would use up a lot of scraps too! Thanks for sharing.

  8. HOw'd I miss this post? Love that doily. You are one talented gal!


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