Monday, December 8, 2014

Wyoming Traffic Conditions

along WY Highway 28
Southwest of Farson, WY
Those who live in the city and travel multi-laned roads deal with traffic jams and merging traffic on a daily basis. While Wyoming is basically a rural state with wide-open spaces and lots of range land, drivers must deal with four-legged traffic more than the the vehicular kind.

Wildlife do not heed speed limits and keep their own hours, so drivers must be cautious all hours of the day. Along WY 28, the Highway and Game and Fish departments erected serious yet humorous signs to remind drivers of the four-legged traffic.

Other signs can be found at or near specific game-crossing areas.
deer crossing
antelope crossing
Some of the four-legged traffic on the Open Range (public land leased for grazing) is domestic - sheep and cattle.

sheep crossing/grazing area
cattle crossing/grazing area

While driving in Wyoming, especially off the Interstates, it is vital to keep your eyes open and watch for animals even if signs are not posted.

(Note all photos in this post are courtesy of Sheila's daughter, Aura)


  1. Interesting:)..... I like the first two:))

  2. Love the signs Nancy. Government with a sense of humor - wow! I have a picture somewhere of a "tank crossing" sign that I took while visiting a nephew on a military base.

  3. That is definitely where the deer and the antelope play! It's such a wide open area that anyone can be caught off guard by an animal ambling across the road. I love it though. Great pictures!

  4. Very interesting. We would need a skunk crossing sign many skunks in our town and neighboring towns.. Pee euuuuuuu

  5. Fun signs, and I'm sure useful also. I'd hate to cross paths with a moose as they are huge! (I'm just trying now to catch up after being w/o a modem all last week.)

  6. Very cool Nancy! I love the humorous and cautious signs! It's fun to see those, since we don't have any Moose cautionary warnings where I live!

  7. Great new signs! Yes everyone should watch for critters all the time! :)

  8. So fun to see your signs. Our deer can't read - or don't bother - and even cross the interstate without looking.

  9. Fantastic collection of photos from WY!! I especially enjoy the humorous ones along WY 28.


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