Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ponder This. . .

near walking path
Riverton, WY
December 2014
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I am deeply troubled by the state of the world because of the events that are consistently topics on the evening news, buzzing through the Internet and on social media, and even within my own community. People seem to have lost their moral filter(s) and say and do anything that feels good at the moment. It's time to stop the madness.

Christmas is not something that should be celebrated only one month or day each year. Christmas is not the only time we should be charitable. Christmas is not the only time we should pray for peace.

Christmas MUST be a priority throughout the year.


  1. Well said Nancy. I agree totally.

  2. Well-said! Peace, love and joy need to last the whole year... and in many cases, need to be found, practiced, shared.

  3. Such a simple command. "Love one another ........

  4. I was thinking something similar the other day. It's time we bring back "classy behavior" and good manners.

    I'm starting with me and hoping it will rub off on those I come in contact with. Because in reality, the only person we CAN change is ourselves.

  5. Thank you Nancy! Our oldest son called me yesterday and said almost the exact words. He was distressed to the point that I cried when we ended the call. We decided that we would take the love we share and spread it to as many people as we can during the next year. So, we love you Nancy!! I join with you in praying for the world and especially our Country--for peace, for kindness and most definitely for love.

  6. P.S. I love the photo of one tree leaning on the other for support. Isn't nature wonderful?

  7. I too am troubled watching the news. My job is changing to one of spreading more joy and watchful love where I am at work...I will love it!


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