Monday, December 22, 2014

Inversion Beauty

December 18, 2014
Riverton, WY
Several days and nights of thick fog created a sparkling Winter Wonderland in Fremont County. The cold air was trapped in the valley due to an inversion of cold air near the ground and warmer air above. What the valley needed was some wind to cool the upper layer of air and dissipate the inversion.

All the trees, shrubs, and fences looked like they had been flocked.

When the sun came out briefly, the frost began falling from the trees, overhead power lines and signs.

The temperature when I took the photos was 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mother Nature added flocking to all the pine trees in town just in time for Christmas.

Home Sweet Home


  1. The trees look so pretty but that is too cold for me!

  2. Beautiful! We have had some frost but nothing like your photos! Merry Christmas Nancy:)

  3. Such pretty, Christmassy shots! Love that apple tree covered in snow! Have a wonderful and merry Christmas!

  4. Pretty photos, Nancy! Were the roads slippery too? Merry Christmas!

  5. Mother Nature is an amazing artist. I love when we get this type of frost on things. Lovely photos!

  6. Nice! I really loved the heavy frost on the trees. It was a winter wonderland all around us.

  7. My parents paid big money to get their Christmas tree to look like that one. LOL Love your "home sweet home" picture. Your trees are beautiful!

  8. That is so pretty, a winter wonderland!

  9. So lovely! Thanks for sharing, as we are about 5-10 degrees too warm for our wet to be white. There's a rumor we'll be near 60 tomorrow. Ugh.


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