Monday, December 1, 2014

Resistance Seems Futile

Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds (Earthy Brown)

Okay, I admit being a bit OCD about knitting the Snow Day Cowls: so far, I've knit five of them and will probably knit yet another.

I'm still on a mission to reduce yarn stash, and these cowls are perfect for single skein knitting.

What pattern do you like to knit again and again?


  1. I don't knit, but find that I do the same thing with small sewing projects. I find something I like to make that uses up my fat quarter stash and then just keep making them. Last night I made travel pillow #13 and cut the pieces for 2 more. I've done the same thing with baby burp clothes and draw string bags. Oh - and pillowcases. Luckily all of these items have made great gifts and donations.

  2. Nancy you know it: Trap scarves :)
    I get hooked on a pattern thats a winner and thats that!
    Enjoy your cowl knitting

  3. I get 'hooked' on crocheted ripple afghans. :-)

  4. After knitting the same pattern a few times, I find I want to go on to something else. Even with socks... I'm always looking for different patterns. I've knit a few Hitchhiker Scarves, but I put a different lacy section in each one.

  5. That tweedy color is pretty.

    I have several sock patterns I like a LOT --- blueberry waffle, monkey, and no purl monkey come to mind. I've also made several Wingspan shawls and a few Pretty Thing (by Yarn Harlot) cowls.

  6. I have a crochet slouch toque... I love crocheting!

  7. You find the best patterns! That's another one to put on my list. I think I've only knitted Granny's Favorite washcloths in multiples.

  8. Aha! I just came across this pattern and wondered where I got it. It's funny how some patterns are addictive; I'm working on another Almost Lost dishcloth. (And trying to catch up from not having Internet access for about a week.)


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