Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Child's Sweater Vest

Steppe Sweater Vest

One of the projects on my needles is a child's sweater vest. I nabbed the four skeins of wool several years from a Hobby Lobby clearance bin. When I discovered the yarn in my sewing room this summer, I knew it was time for the yarn to become a child's vest.

Pattern: The Steppe Sweater (free pattern)

Yarn: I Love This Wool (#125 Deep Purple) 93% wool - 7% polyamide
           knit with double strands to simulate chunky weight yarn

Needles: US size 10.5 - ribbing
               US size 11 - body of vest

Stitches: 76 stitches, child's small vest

This yarn definitely lives up to its name because it has a nice feel and knits well. I will purchase it again.

Note to self: a child's vest, size Small requires 6.1 ounces of double-stranded yarn.


  1. Beautiful color. Some lucky kid will love this.

  2. Love it Nancy! I need to make one too

  3. I love the color too!! What a cute vest. And knitting on bigger needles is nice now and then. Projects probably fly off your needles!

  4. Great color! Looks like a fun pattern, too. Thanks for the link!

  5. I'm crazy in love with the color! Our DIL has her Christmas tree decorated all in purple and it is beautiful! The sweater pattern is a keeper. That will be a happy child.

  6. That is a great color and a cute vest. Will it be a Christmas gift?

  7. I LOVE that vest. The color is awesome and the simplicity of the pattern is adorable.

  8. Thanks for the link to the sweater pattern. I've saved it. I have some chunky yarn I haven't found a pattern I like so it's been sitting for, oh 10 years or more. The problem is it is rather rough feeling. Probably 100% wool. Bought at a Sheep and Wool festival in Maryland. maybe I'll try this pattern for some of it.

  9. That is just darling!! Maybe I'll eventually get inspired to do something other than baby blankets and hats?

  10. Love it - wanted to do a matching Bloomsbury for my two granddaughters and their mom but need a pattern for the grandson. Thanks!!! Still have not knitted any socks but I'm working up to that!


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