Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Back in Time - Winter Scene

Winter 1968
The trees around the house were gorgeous when covered with frost. They sparkled when the sun hit them at just the right angle.

The house was covered with pink aluminum siding in the mid-1960s. The white door, shown in the photo, opened to the living room and was never used in the winter, and seldom in the summer except to have the wooden door opened and the storm door panel removed and replaced with a screen. Everyone always entered the house through the porch that opened into the kitchen. The window on the far left was over the kitchen sink. The windows on the far right were in my parents' bedroom.


  1. The contrast between the frosty white of the trees and the deep blue of the sky is beautiful!

  2. Great photo of the farmhouse in winter! Frost covered trees make a scene look magical. Love it.

  3. That is a beautiful picture! "Home" was my first thought.

  4. It does look like a magical fairyland! So pretty! It was only -12 here today. I heard about your horrid cold temps there - and in Great Falls where my cousin lives. We usually get our weather from you, so it would be nice if you could come up with some warm breezes to send our way. LOL

  5. Absolutely beautiful.

    Hmmm... My inlaws don't use their front door. I'm not sure I've ever used my sister's, and I KNOW I never used the one at Ma's (my stepmom's mother's)... We rarely use our front door, but some guests do...


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