Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wandering & Pondering

Mountain View Cemetery
Riverton, WY
I sometimes like to wander through the local cemetery and stop and ponder the gravestones.

This stone made me smile at its simplicity and playfulness, but I also wonder. . .

How old was Baby Snook?
Did Baby Snook like to play with marbles or did an older sibling?
Did tiny hands push the marbles into the cement under the guidance of Mom and Dad?
What is the significance of the three marble holes at the top of the stone? Do they represent other family members?
Were family finances tight?
Do family members still visit Baby Snook's grave?

I wonder. . . Do you?


  1. A very unusual stone. I guess it was the best they could do.

  2. My parents love cemeteries, my childhood involved a lot of visits to them. That grave marker is sad, but also so sweet.

  3. I like seeing the interesting headstones. We went to a ghost town in upstate New York one time and walked through the cemetery there. All the headstones were from the mid-1800s, except for one. It was a baby that died the same year it was born --- 1973. Why would you bury your baby in a ghost town? I always wondered what the story behind that one was.

  4. My husband loves visiting cemeteries as well and I sometimes accompany him. I love to see the old parts of a cemetery and when I see a gravestone like the one of Baby Snook I start pondering about what could possibly have happened back then.

  5. A lot to ponder there. How many times have people just walked by without a thought. I would have never considered a sibling adding the marbles...sweet thought.

  6. That is both sad and beautiful! My Mother's grave is nearby and we do visit with flowers. Your post has made me decide to roam around the cemetery a bit and read the other gravestones.

  7. I wonder too...much history at the cemetery:)

  8. The old grave markers do tend to be much more interesting than the modern ones. This one is so unique and I'm sure there would be an interesting story behind it. We used to explore cemeteries when my mother and I were working on some genealogy hunting. But I must admit that I haven't done any exploring in many years now.

  9. Very interesting. Do you remember the radio show by that name, only with an S on the end?

  10. That is so unusual...and interesting...I have not seen that stone. Yes, it prompts a lot of questions!

  11. Fascinating, and what a lovely memory you've stirred.

    I used to roam the cemetery behind our church while my mother had altar guild duty. I found an old pre-Civil War stone under a boxwood, one with a photo inset in the marker... I loved exploring and visiting the graves that weren't visited often at all.


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