Friday, October 10, 2014

Foreign Friday

Advertisement from a  newspaper
December 1979
I don't know what this advertisement is trying to sell, but I find the image interesting. The children's heads strangely do not match the bodies, which I find a bit unsettling. What are your thoughts?

Update: my friend Sheila sent the image to a family member who said the following:

It's in Japanese, so I can only understand bits of it. Looks like an ad for Children's Day (national holiday that was Boy's Day). Mothers' Day is mentioned in one of the boxes on the right.

Oh, I just noticed the date, May 5, which is definitely Children's Day.

So that mystery is solved, partially.


  1. I doesn't bother me that the head and body proportions are off. My first thought was that it is advertising children's clothing, but probably wrong on that.

  2. I would not have paid attention without you pointing it out but it does look a little odd.

  3. It looks like they tried to Americanize the faces a bit and the end result is an unsettling half and half. My bet on the ad would be children's clothes, but again very American. Interesting!

  4. It doesn't bother me; seems pretty common in cartoons. Those remind me of Precious Moments children from the 1980s.

  5. So boys have been wearing their hats backwards for many years???

  6. I don't know that I find it unsettling, but I definitely noticed right away that the heads and bodies didn't match... Odd!

  7. Interesting! It must be hard to learn Japanese, especially to read it. Can you speak it at all?


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