Thursday, October 16, 2014

Back in Time - Yellow Recliner

Rich S.
approximately 1964
I don't remember when the yellow (some may say it was gold, but to my eyes it was yellow) recliner was purchased, but it was a favorite place for nearly everyone in the family to take a nap. My brother often would nap on Sunday afternoons while watching TV.

The photo of Rich shows the living room wall before it was covered with paneling. I remember helping my mother hang the beige and brown wallpaper shown in this photo.

The lamp shade was often turned like it is in the photo to hide the hole a parakeet nibbled near the top.

The desk, shown in the photo, was eventually moved into my bedroom. The top drawer on the right had a broken bottom piece, so it was tricky to open it without that section falling out.

Note the pole lamp with the three lights. My mother used that pole lamp for years. Each light had a three-way switch and could be controlled as a group or individually.

Rosa S.
December 1965
My mother could also be caught napping from time to time in the yellow recliner. Obviously the living room had to be rearranged for Christmas which is why this chair was moved to the corner and the desk under the east window. (When photos were taken with a film camera, it was common for the film to be developed months after the event which is why this photo is stamped "May" instead of "December" or "January")

Note the toothpick tree on the corner of the desk. This was made by pushing hundreds of round toothpicks into several styrofoam balls and then stacking the toothpick balls into a tree shape. The "tree" was sprayed with "snow" and decorated with mini glass decorations.

The fiberglass TV tray in the lower left corner were used for years as was the leather footstool that my mother made at an Extension Club workshop.

My mother's stylish glasses seem to glow in this photo. Ironically, the frame design is popular again.

Did your family have a favorite chair for napping?


  1. We didn't have a recliner, but a special rocking chair inherited from my mom's family. It had wide arms on which my younger sister and I would sit on as my mom held our baby sister and read nursery rhymes to us from a Childcraft book.Mom still has that chair.

  2. Cute photos.

    Not only are the cat eye glasses back in style, so is that barrel lampshade. Who knew we were so "stylish" back in the day. We never had a recliner, but we had the TV trays. It was a privilege to be able to have you lunch on one while you watched TV on Saturdays.

  3. No favorite napping chair but weren't those 60's the cat meow:)

  4. I think we all feel asleep in that chair from time to time.
    Aww the toothpick tree. How many did we make? A lot of Christmas decorations back then were homemade.

  5. fantastic post! nancy this was such fun to see your brother and mothers snoozing in the chair~!! We went to LAZY boy s a few years ago despite me earnest efforts to hold off....
    Fireman calls them BUBBAs....
    I often doze in them now

  6. What goes around comes around, eh? I just got rid of a gold tea kettle this week as it sprung a leak! We still have a pole lamp also but not as fancy as that one.

  7. My father's side of the family were very fond of the recliner! Though it was usually the men who commandeered them. My grandfather had "his" and so did my Uncle Vince. It sure does look like a good spot to nap. :) It's all about the knitting chair in my house, not the napping one, hehe.

  8. Great shots of the nappers in the recliner! I like seeing the decor of days when we were kids!

  9. What a personal, warm post! Your mother reminds me of my maternal grandmother's side of the family somehow...

    I don't remember many naps in chairs, but there was an almost baby blue recliner that was in the living room, in front of the book cases...

  10. My dad would often nap on the floor in the kitchen after lunch, he was a Korean War Vet so he said it was a fine place to stretch out and sleep:)

  11. Oh yes. Well, not as a youngster or young adult but I love me a good nap now. My dad could sleep anywhere a trait he picked up during 30 years in the Navy. That lamp sounds like it would be great to shine light on any hand project you might want to work on.


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