Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Addiction

Loose tea from Murchies in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Practically everyone in my family was/is a coffee drinker, so I have no idea why I prefer to drink tea. Perhaps, my paternal grandmother who grew up in England somehow willed at least one of her grandchildren share the love of a good cup of tea. That is the only explanation that makes any sense.

My mother sometimes drank tea, but I drink it almost exclusively. I'll take a hot, cup of unsweetened, black tea any day of the year and any time of day. I do not like herbal or green tea.

Several years ago, when my sisters and I visited Victoria Island and Vancouver, British Columbia, I discovered the Murchies Tea and Coffee shop.  The variety of teas (and even coffees) they offer is impressive. On that trip, I purchased several types of tea and have continued to order online from Murchies.

My latest order of tea included:

Government Street Blend
Ms. Grey
Editor's Blend
Earl Grey Cream
English Breakfast

In the future I want to try:

Canadian Breakfast - a traditional breakfast tea, with a Canadian maple flavouring. The maple helps to draw out the natural malty caramel flavours of the teas.

Golden Monkey - the dried leaf is mixed black and gold, with a musky, fruity, slightly grassy aroma and produces a rich deep red-gold liquor, very round, full-bodied flavour with a slight briskness. The flavour and aroma notes for this complex tea include dried apricot or plum, honey or burnt sugar, and possibly a slight smokiness or light maltiness and it has a lingering, soft, ‘fuzzy’ finish.

As far as addictions go, tea-drinking is fairly harmless.

Do you prefer coffee or tea? Green tea or black tea?

(I have not been paid to write this post, I am just a satisfied Murchies' customer)


  1. Just curious whether you put milk or cream in your tea?

  2. Dark roast coffee with cream and just a little bit of sugar for me, please. I haven't developed a taste for hot tea yet, but I didn't drink coffee until I was in my 30s, so maybe one day...

  3. Tea of any kind -- black, herbal, green, it's ALL good. My current favorite is Chai or Christmas Blend. But, my usual go to is Earl Grey.

    If we lived closer, we could share a wonderful cup of tea!

  4. Coffee is my morning addiction, but I like tea better other times of the day. I like both hot and iced tea. But I do find that I'm not at all a fan of fruity flavored tea - same with coffee. I like it plain. Earl Grey is one of my favorites, and one exception to the "no fruity flavors" is a pomegranate tea that I like.

  5. Coffee for me:) and I rarely have a cup of tea but the idea always seems nice.

  6. Oh I'm a fan of both the coffee and the tea. However, I like a medium blend for coffee, as my stomach is more sensitive now through the years or, just a simple espresso, but no more french dark roast 3 cups!

    I think my tea tastes run close to yours. My favorites are Earl Grey and English Breakfast, but lately I have been drinking Rooibos flavors with my son. It's herbal/decaf but mimics the black tea in taste a bit.

    And since I am Asian, I am a huge fan of Jasmine and I like some green every now and again. I also like Thai tea, cold or hot. Cannot do White Tea, oh no, makes me shakey.

    hehe. I need some tea now!

  7. I am a tea drinker as well but I have to have decaf. I'll have to check Murchies and see what they offer in decaf. Earl Grey Cream sounds yum! Thanks for the tip.

  8. What kind is Lipton Tea? I like it on a cold day with a little sugar. I am not a fan of anything flavored...tea or coffee. I don't drink coffee anymore but I used to like Farmers Coffee it was a great cup of coffee, oh an egg coffee it would be hard for me to refuse a cup of that!:)

  9. I love coffee. Zach loves Tea~! Troy loves a beer and some good TV

  10. Too bad we can't get together for a tea party, eh? I like Earl Grey and English Breakfast among others.

  11. Based on the comments, I think I need to see if I can revive my old tea swap blog after this gala is behind me. I think January is hot tea month... maybe your readers would enjoy a swap then?? I am desperate to try the Canadian Breakfast!

  12. I like both tea and coffee. And a black tea is my favorite. Looks like you've got an ample supply to get you through the winter! I bet the tea you picked up in Canada is fantastic!

  13. Yum! I do like my tea cold or hot. I like Earl Grey with its touch of bergamot. And, I do like green teas from some companies. Other greens taste like the grass smells after it has been mown. I'm a big fan of Republic of Tea but want to take a look at the one you recommended. Nothing like a good cup of traditional tea. I, too, wish we could all get together for a lovely cuppa.


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