Monday, October 13, 2014

Lucy Cowl in Noro

Noro cowl

Pattern: Lucy Cowl by Pepperberry Knits - free pattern (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock (color #S293)

Needles: 16 inch circular, size 4

Stitches: 70 sts

The pattern calls for 50 sts. on size 7 needles, using DK weight yarn. Since I was using sock yarn, I decreased the needle size and increased the stitch count. At 34 inches in circumference, the  cowl is not long enough to wrap twice around my neck; however, it can be tucked flat to provide coverage under a coat.

This is the first time I've used the kitchener stitch to graft so many stitches. I am pleased with the results.

Do you like to "kitchener"?


  1. Yes, I like kitchener and I don't mind seaming. Nice job on the cowl!

  2. I am new to Kitchener and have to keep the directions in front of me to do it but it is a nice finish. The cowl looks the colors.

  3. Now you've done it! Every time you knit something with Noro I end up knitting something with Noro. And I HATE Noro. Anyway, love the cowl and the colors are gorgeous. I have never used Kitchener but I keep telling myself I need to learn how to do it.

  4. Very pretty! Don't you love free patterns? Now I need to check out this one as I have Noro sock yarn somewhere.

  5. I don't mind doing Kitchener. Once you get the "rhythm" going, it's pretty easy.

    Your cowl came out beautiful. Maybe that is what I'll do with the Noro sock yarn I have in my stash. It's a little too heavy for Florida socks.

  6. I love your cowl. I fear the kitchener stitch. I have about36 live stitches on two circular needles to weave. I'm going to beg a friend to do it

  7. Lovely cowl, I have never heard of the kitchener stitch...I assume it is for knitting something together:)

  8. Beautiful. I love to Kitchener and might have to look into this... right after some baby knitting.

  9. The cowl turned out beautifully in Noro sock yarn. I like doing the kitchener stitch, but doing so many stitches might feel a bit daunting at first!


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