Friday, October 24, 2014

Foreign Friday

unknown bus lady and bus driver
Southern Japan tour
Spring 1980
All of the bus tours that I took were amazing, mostly due to the professionalism of the bus lady (similar to a flight attendant on a plane) and the bus driver. Both wore uniforms, and they didn't differ much from company to company. The drivers always wore white gloves while driving and when assisting with bags.

I wonder if the buses still have bus ladies and if the drivers still wear the uniform and white gloves.


  1. I must say the bus system in Mexico was very high standard. That is how people travel, mostly. Very very clean. Nice drivers. Just a bit odd with their stops and timing. If 2 people got off, we sat in the bus until 2 people got matter how long it took

  2. How elegant...I doubt that you would see that today.

  3. I've never had a tour with an attendant, except the Hop on, Hop off bus in San Francisco. Usually the bus driver was also the tour guide.

  4. Fascinating... I've done very little bus travel since school trips.

  5. They look so professional. Isn't that neat? The tours I took years ago were absolutely top notch. In the past two years I've been on two tours of big cities, and the tour guides were terrible! What a disappointment!

  6. The look very business like, especially the driver with his white gloves and white shoes.


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