Friday, October 17, 2014

Foreign Friday

Pendulum to antique clock
purchased in Misawa, Japan in 1979
One of my most treasured mementos from Japan is an antique Schoolhouse Regulator Clock purchased at an antique shop, located next to the Misawa cemetery featured in these posts.

Antique clock purchased in Misawa, Japan in 1979
The clock has a lot of character and has kept accurate time in my house since I purchased it in 1979. It is a 7-day clock, and I wind it usually on Sunday and yearly give it a squirt of WD40. 

The clock case measures 19 inches from top to bottom. 

The steady ticking of the clock is soothing. I'm so accustomed to the hourly chime that I seldom hear it, even at night. 

Another regulator, a 30-day clock (purchased new in 1982) that chimes the hour and half hour hangs in my family room.

I'd love to know something about the previous owners of my antique clock, but sadly, I do not. I can only imagine the stories it can tell.

Do you own any clocks that require winding?


  1. It's lovely.All of our clocks are battery operated or electric.

  2. We have one clock needing winding but it no longer keeps accurate time. Our girls gave it to us in the late 90s so it is fairly new. It's very pretty, but just doesn't work so it currently sits in a closet.

  3. I can see why you like it! We have a cuckoo clock but keep it silent as the cuckoos aren't easy to ignore.

  4. So neat Nancy!! We had a gift of a cuckoo clock from the Black Forest in Germany. It was a wedding gift. Through the years it failed..>We tried to have it fixed to no avail. I LOVED that thing and it is in a box in the basement...
    IM taking it out!!!! on my to do list now

  5. Use to many years ago but no more. I remember the ticking and it was soothing.

  6. I love that clock! The doors are really neat.

    I don't have any wind up clocks, but I still have two watches that are of the wind up kind. I have a Mickey Mouse watch that I bought 47 years ago with my very first "mother's helper" paycheck. It still keeps PERFECT time.

  7. Beautiful clock! It would be really fascinating to know the history behind this antique.

    I don't have any wind-up clocks, but kind of wish I had the one which was in mom's dining room.

  8. Your clocks are beautiful! We had a Grossmutter clock that we brought back from Germany. It was a wind up clock and chimed on the hour. Sadly, when we moved to Texas from Chicago the movers dropped it and it never ran again. They also dropped my Husqvarna Viking sewing machine and destroyed it. They paid for the them but it hardly mattered because replacements just weren't the same.

  9. Oh, I love those clocks! No, I don't own any wind-up clocks. I'll have to tell Katherine that a well-meaning relative oiled my half-sister's Grandmother clock and it hasn't chimed since either.

  10. Yes I do. I have a German wall clock with Westminster chimes. My Mother gave me some money when I turned 50 and that was what I spent it on. I love hearing the chimes, especially in the night. They remind me of staying at my Grandmother's house. She had a lovely chiming mantle clock.

  11. Ha! I have a hard enough time replacing my watch battery! Both clocks are beautiful though. We used to have a ships clock that rang the bells of watch ever 30 minutes if I remember correctly. I should get it fixed as it would go great in the beach house.


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