Wednesday, October 22, 2014

On The Road - Unique ATM

JL Beers
Fargo, ND
While shopping in downtown Fargo several years ago, my two sisters and I went to JL Beers for a burger.  If you've seen the movie Sister Act when the nuns walk into the bar, you'll understand the looks my sisters and I got when we walked into this bar and grill filled with young people. It was priceless, and I could almost hear them mutter: "If this turns into a senior citizen bar, then I won't be back."

The food was excellent and the ATM in a door at the back of the bar was begging to be photographed.

A photo of another unique ATM that I saw in Hawaii can be seen in this post.


  1. I hope that ATM came with instructions:)

  2. Very cool picture, but I think the story of the clientele's reaction when you walked in the bar is even better. I swear in my head, I "heard" the jukbox stop. ;)

  3. Priceless picture! LOL. Sometimes you just have to rock the younger set's world! Funny.

  4. The ATM is hilarious and the idea that you shook up some young people is even better!

  5. How funny! Both the ATM and the looks you got.

  6. Too funny! Gone are the days of Travelers Checks, that's for sure.

  7. Too cute - both your adventure and the ATM!


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