Monday, October 1, 2012

Homecoming Flashback

Wheatland Homecoming - teachers' pep rally skit
Diane Parks (student teacher), Sue Stephens (Home Ec),
Nancy Stearns (English), Susan Youtz (Physical Ed)
approximately 1975
'tis the season of Homecoming, so I thought it would be fun to feature some photos from Homecoming festivities from the past.

In Wheatland, the teachers took part in the activities and pep rallies during Homecoming Week, and I was too new to the profession to say "No" when someone asked me to participate.

The long, wool, royal blue pleated skirts were parts of retired cheerleader uniforms the school had in storage. Susan (far right) is wearing a guy's letter sweater from the period, but Diane, Sue, and I made do with royal blue and gold sweaters from our own closets. The bubble gum is pretty obvious, but note the bells on our shoes and the rolled bobby socks.

The four of us were awesome cheerleaders!

Did any of your teachers participate in pep rally skits?


  1. I love that picture! I don't remember having skits at our pep rallys. If we did I doubt the teachers participated, because I'm pretty sure I would remember that.

  2. That's really cute. The only Homecoming I remember was the one I went back to while I was in college. I remember seeing an old boyfriend and his dear sister, but I don't remember any skits.

  3. LOL

    I don't remember teaches doing anything during pep rallies back when I was in school.

    There was a faculty/basketball team charity game in the winter and the faculty donkey basketball game.

  4. Nancy...I don't have good memories of pep rallies where something I never enjoyed...but it looks like fun!!

  5. I don't recall the teachers participating at all. But it looks like fun! I love those skirts and the bells. g

  6. Wow, I don't remember teacher participation in homecoming except in giving plenty of prep time to those involved. I do remember that it was a special time--so special that it is firmly fixed in my mind long after other memories have faded. What a fun experience your skit must have been! I love the bells and rolled socks.

  7. Well, they would be NUNS, so no. :) But they were a blast on many levels

  8. This reminds me of some photos they had hanging up in the gym at Smith College where the first official game of women's basketball was supposedly played, the women were in the middle of an intense game wearing Converse and ankle length skirts. I think I would have ended up flat on my face in either case.


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