Monday, October 22, 2012

Fiber Gathering

Saturday, the Fremont County Fiber Guild met in Dubois (the Upper Country) for its monthly meeting at Wyoming Wool Works, a shop owned by one of the group's members. Everyone browsed the shop and admired all the creative displays of fiber goodies before the meeting started.

The meeting agenda centered around future projects and meeting programs. In January, the guild's project is a community Spin-in, featuring vendors, demonstrations, and information for those interested in spinning and weaving. Knitting lessons will also be available.
Before enjoying the tasty lunch, the business at hand was deciding what to do with the guild's "library." For many years, several boxes of books and magazines were stored by one of the members, who decided she wanted to reclaim her closet. At the meeting, the items were separated into categories, and members offered the guild a donation for the books/magazines they wanted to rescue.
During the meeting several members knit some rows on current projects.
Nancy knit on a Oddball Pet Snuggle, a holiday project for the guild.
The snuggles are being knit with two strands of worsted weight acrylic
and will be donated to animal shelters in Riverton and Lander.
Pet Snuggle information can be found on the Snuggles Project website.
Note the basket of tomatoes. Anita, the meeting hostess had lunch bags
available for members to take some home-grown tomatoes home.


  1. That looks like an interesting shop. Did you rescue a book or bring home a tomato?

  2. What a neat place! The tomatoes are beautiful.

  3. Looks like it was a great meeting. Sorry I missed it.

  4. Tomatoes and knitting, make for a much nicer meeting then most I bet.

    Did you take anything home with you?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Nice post about our fiber gathering! I am so glad that the library of books and magazines was so well distributed among those who will put them to use. I really like Anita's shop; it definitely has more room and is warmer than the other location. I'm very happy for her.

  6. What a fun gathering! I have no idea what to do with all the tomatos we have! Maybe stuffed romas? g

  7. Sounds like an interesting meeting...(I would of been knitting!):)

  8. I'd love the SNUGGLE pattern if there is one!!
    What a great day. Your flowers on the table are lovely too.

  9. Wow! Tomatos in October in Wyoming? Amazing. The shop looks so cozy. Hope you found some great books.

  10. Looks like a great shop. Wish I didn't have to work my fingers to the bone and could have been there.
    Rebel Follower

  11. It looks like a fun meeting! Thanks so much for the link Nancy!! I love the idea of pet snuggles. I too am amazed at tomatoes in October in Wyoming. I still have lots of tomatoes here in Texas but our weather is 80+.

  12. Knitting pet snuggles for poor shelter pets is such a fantastic idea! When I finally wrangle up a knitting group we may have to borrow that idea. I'm so glad to see that you had fun at the meet up!


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